The 11 '90s Accessories Every Rebel Girl Had To Own — PHOTOS

If you were a child of the era, you know there were some '90s accessories that every "rebel" girl owned (or wanted to own) and they were usually inspired by grunge pop artists and the entire Hot Topic store. I should know. Once upon a time I wore skull arm warmers, heavy under eyeliner, Converse, and a purportedly really grunge "Team Jacob" v-neck t-shirt. Also part of my uniform was an also really grunge grey American Apparel hoodie that I would hide under and listen to my music cranked up all the way.

All '90s era accessories were staples for rebel girls because they represented the era in which grunge was invented. For somewhat edgy teens in the early 2000s like me, the '90s represented a time when cooler people prevailed. Our style choices included skinny jeans and flannel over-shirts. Our jewelry included leather cuffs and camouflage headbands. Sometimes we went for a "more feminine" or sweeter look, but that was rare and usually still involved combat boots. The likelihood of diverging from the usual style was slim to none.

Now that '90s fashion is back, you may want to dig these up and out of your closet. Or, upgrade and get that new cool girl choker you've been dying to wear for something a bit more modern. Even if your style has transformed a bit over the years, once a rebel girl at heart, always a rebel girl at heart. Here are just a few of the accessories in the "rebel girl" starter pack to get you going.

1. The Stick On Earrings

Vintage '90s Earring Stick On Jewelry, $1.25, Etsy

The stick-on earring was akin to wearing actual gems for many of us until we were in college.

2. The Choker

'90s Porcelain White Vintage Tattoo Choker Necklace, $0.76, Ebay

I rocked a turquoise blue stretchy choker, but also rocked a beaded red one that I thought made me look so cool.

3. The Arm Warmers

Guess who? Yes, these are indeed, my skull arm warmers. Note: the most pink I have seen on me ever.

4. The Overalls

Vintage Calvin Klein '90s BIB Overalls, $29.99, Ebay

Overalls gave off the impression that you just did not care about fashion or picking out both jeans and a shirt.

5. The Oval Sunnies

90s Retro Sunglasses With Oval Lens, $11.14, Ebay

These oval sunglasses made sure that everyone thought you were a celebrity.

6. The Converse

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

These Chuck Taylor converse were all you needed for every occasion: prom, the SATs, graduation, et cetera. Let's face it, a good pair of Converse is probably still the only shoe you absolutely need in your collection.

7. The Butterfly Clips

90's Butterfly Clips, $5.00, Etsy

Just because you couldn't be seen in color doesn't mean you couldn't wear butterfly clips!

8. The Toe Ring

Vintage Celebrity Tattoo Toe Ring Vintage, $1.79, Ebay

Toe rings will always be a huge "screw you" to all other jewelry. They are probably the most rebellious items of all when it comes to accessories.

9. The Combat Boots

Doc Martens Black Paisley Boot Rare Vintage, $115, Ebay

Doc Martens combat boots were the stuff of legends back in my day, and are still going strong decades later.

10. The Flannels

90's Fieldmaster Blue Plaid Acrylic Wool Flannel Shirt, $21.37, Ebay

Kurt Cobain's style was perfect for someone as punk as I was (or so I thought). Luckily a good plaid never really goes out of style.

11. The Bandanas

Vintage 90s Red Marlboro Work Wear All Cotton bandana, $9.99, Ebay

Bandanas were terrifying, but at least it was a trend we all went through together.

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Images: Ebay (7), Etsy (2)