Did 'Empire' Say Goodbye To Another Character?

I've always known that Lucious could be persuasive, but even I couldn't have predicted that he's be able to convince someone to take their own life... or, at least, that's what Empire wants you to believe. During Wednesday night's episode "A Rose By Any Other Name," we saw the death of not one, but potentially two important characters. Not only did Camilla kill Mimi after her true motives behind their marriage came to the surface, but Lucious managed to record the whole thing and convinced her that suicide was somehow the better option than jail time. But did Camilla really die on Empire ?

Viewers saw her take a suspicious looking substance that was supposedly the poison she used to kill Mimi. But we never saw her actually fall down dead, which makes me feel like there's a chance this was all a misdirect. Let's not forget how much this show loves to mess with our minds, so making it look like Camilla committed suicide could just be another shocking twist to this on-going drama. Maybe Camilla just wants Lucious to think that she's dead, so that she can plan out yet another revenge vendetta against him.

Granted, she did look pretty devastated about everything, especially when Lucious told her that Hakeem had been the one to rat her out to Mimi. The man she loved most in the world betrayed her and it might've been just the thing to send her over the edge of misery. But if that's true and Camilla really is dead, you have to wonder how all of this is going to impact Hakeem. Will he blame himself for her death? There was a time in his life when he truly cared about her, so I doubt this is something he's going to be able to easily shake off. And if he ever catches wind of his father's involvement, I bet he wouldn't need too much convincing to pull that trigger this time around.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX