11 Unexpected Ways To Use Lip Kits & Glosses

by Augusta Statz

The possibilities are endless for this ever-expanding cosmetics line, on the business side as well as for its customers. With a total of eight matte shades and three lip glosses, the opportunity for mixing and matching is greater than ever before. Check out eleven unexpected ways to use Kylie Lip Kits and Glosses because if you’ve been lucky to snag these, I know you’re dying to use them in as many ways as possible.

Lucky for you, they’re super versatile. Get ready to get creative and use these mattes and shiny shades in multiple parts of your makeup routine. Because you guessed it, these lippies are good for more than just your pout. The Lip Kits have been used as eyeliner and even to create freckles. And because of their long-lasting stay power, you can even wear these products in the shower. So, I meant what I said. There’s endless potential here, people.

These eleven different unexpected ways will open your eyes to the world of possibility for using these lip products. From mixing and matching to using the packaging as inspiration for your next tattoo, people will stop at nothing to find new ways to use these Jenner-approved colors. Because they don't just like these products. They’re obsessed. And I don't blame them.

1. As Eyeliner

Use Lip Kits to pair a bold lip with an even more show-stopping dramatic eye look.

2. As Colorful Freckles

With an orange and browns in the mix, it's easy to give yourself a freckled effect. Although, you may have never thought to do so until now!

3. In The Shower

It even lasts through a shower? Now, there's no denying that's some major longwear lipstick.

4. Glosses Layered With Liner

Pairing Lip Kit liners with Glosses is a match made in lippie heaven.

5. Mattes Layered With Gloss

According to the Kylie Cosmetics website, you can even layer your glosses and matte lipsticks for even more color and a shiny finish.

6. Mixed Together

You can get creative by mixing colors.

7. Blended Into A New Shade

Or create a color that's all your own.

8. As Lip Art

Lip Kits can be used for artistic endeavors, too.

9. On A Cupcake

OK, so you can't actually eat the Lip Kits, but with their vanilla scent you'll be tempted to. Just one little taste couldn't hurt, right?

10. On Your Arm

Why not let these colors or the packaging inspire your next tattoo, you know? Jenner herself is a fan of "Mary Jo K" colored ink, after all.

11. Or Don't Wear Them At All

With packaging this pretty, it'd be hard not to want it displayed all around your house.

This should serve as all of the proof that you need. It's officially safe to say, these lipsticks and glosses can do just about anything!

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Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)