18 Instagrams From 'Bachelor' Stars Ben & Lauren That Show They're Seriously In Sync — PHOTOS

It was pretty clear to everyone that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell hit it off from the very beginning when they met on Season 20 of The Bachelor. Even if when Lauren did not get a solo outing with Ben, she managed to dominate every group date and everyone noticed and became pretty jealous — cough cough, Leah Block. It always seemed like they were on the same page, and judging by their Instagram photos, they are seriously on the same page. Some of the photos are even from before filming the show, and they still had a lot of the same hobbies, took part in the same activities, and pretty much lived parallel lives before they even got together. As crazy as it sounds, it really seems like they were meant to be this entire time.

Maybe it's a little bit of confirmation bias, but they really do have a lot in common so it makes perfect sense that they found each other and are now engaged. Both Ben and Lauren are family-oriented, adventurous, sentimental, and have big hearts. It is clear from creeping their social media profiles that they really do have so much in common, and sometimes they were even in sync before they actual met each other.

1 & 2. Hanging With Grandparents

It is so sweet how Lauren and Ben both have strong bonds with their grandparents and make it a point to give them special attention and spend time with them. I wonder if they have brought their grandparents together yet.

3 & 4. Attending Sports Games

These two have always been major fans of pretty much all sports, so now that they can be seen in public, I'm sure that they will have plenty of date nights together at various games.

5 & 6. Babysitting

If these pics don't melt your heart, I don't know what could. They both look so natural holding children and I'm sure that Bachelor Nation is waiting for them to tie the knot just so they can pop out some babies ASAP.

7 & 8. Posting Pics From The Plane

Since Lauren is a flight attendant, it is not super surprising that she has posted some view from the plane pics, but it's cute that Ben also has the same habit.

9 & 10. Sharing Throwback Photos

Ben and Lauren were both such cute little kids — not that I'm surprised. They both love sharing old photos and getting sentimental in front of their followers.

11 & 12. Showing Off Their Tans

Looks like they both love the beach, too!

13 & 14. Going Out With The Squad

It seems like both Ben and Lauren have a lot of close friends who they enjoy spending time with. Hopefully, they are still hanging with their squads now that they are coupled up. It would be so sad if they became that couple who ditches all of their friends for love.

15 & 16. Spending Time With The 'Rents

It was clear from their time on The Bachelor and based on both of their Instagram accounts that these two really value their family time and have close relationships with their parents.

17 & 18. Rocking The Same Pose

Even before they were a "public" couple, these two had corresponding body language when they rocked this pose with their arms spread outward.

Sure, this is has been a optimistic take on social media stalking, but you do have to admit that Lauren and Ben have had a lot of things in common for a pretty long time now. They were so cute before they actually met, so cute when they were pretending not to be a couple, and so cute now that they are publicly engaged.

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