Taylor Swift's "New Romantics" Is Only Available On Apple Music & The Twitter Reactions To It Are Hilarious

As a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I listened to Taylor Swift's first pop-exclusive album 1989 on repeat for months. Then, just when I was ready to take a break from "Blank Space" and the rest of the album, Swift released bonus tracks — and once again, I was hooked. My favorite track, "New Romantics," was a love letter to figuring your life out while allowing yourself plenty of missteps along the way — a fantastic follow-up to Red's wild-night-out anthem "22." So, naturally, I was stoked when Swift decided to turn "New Romantics" into a single off of her album — specifically because it meant that "New Romantics" would get its very own music video. Swift delivered that dream, but not in a way that made many fans happy. The "New Romantics" music video is only available to Apple Music users, meaning a subscription is required to view it. She also stated in her Twitter announcement for the video that "New Romantics" is a "love letter to fans."

I've looked forward to Swift's innovative videos, but I'm a little disappointed that she decided to turn "New Romantics" into a paid event. Turns out, after looking at the reactions on Twitter, a lot of fans feel the same exact way.

Here are some of the reactions fans had:

Here's hoping that Swift takes "New Romantics" to Vevo soon, because even Swifties have a limit.