28 Low Rise Plus Size Bikinis, Because Fatkinis Don't Have To Be High Waisted — PHOTOS

Despite all the evolutions seen in swimsuit-selling this year and the increase in options above a size 14, there's still been a noticeable lack in the market for one item: Low rise plus size bikinis. Although self love campaigns have been assigned to almost every swimwear line this year — after the controversy surrounding Protein World's "Are you beach body ready?" advertisements in 2015 — most brands I've come across have still stuck to traditionally "flattering" (aka thinning) designs.

Just think about it. How often do you see swim skirts advertised for straight size people, even though there are at least two in almost every plus size swimwear collection? Similarly, low rise suits are a rarity in collections catering to the fuller-figured, if they appear at all. This may be because brands think they simply won't sell. After all, women are supposed to hide their fat stomachs, right? But as body positivity gains traction, companies need to spend less time co-opting the notion and more time actually catering to the ideas of size acceptance. If more low rise, plus size bikinis were available, I'm positive they would sell well.

Still, there are spaces online where brands have realized the potential of providing this type of swimwear to more sizes and have proceeded to make them available in plus. I've hunted down not just my personal favorites, but as many low rise plus size bikinis as I could find online. Although most of the models aren't plus themselves — something body positivity will also hopefully help progress — these bikinis definitely are.

1. Pink Zebra Print Perfection

The Legend Pearl Island Bikini, $47.60, swimsuitsforall.com

This gloriously tacky print looks chic on the likes of Ashley Graham, but I'd love to pair it with fluffy mules and a chiffon robe to get those ultimate Anna Nicole Smith vibes.

2. Gingham Gorgeousness

Peggy Sue Hipster Swimsuit Bottom, $48, blackcatbikinis.com

The vintage feel of this swimsuit makes a good case for the revival of gingham.

3. Pretty Patterns

Secret Garden Bikini Bottoms, $58, nordstrom.com

This lovely pattern on these bottoms is highlighted with a lace trim and an amazing halter bikini top, so be sure to get the top to complete the look.

4. Black And White Paisley

Black and White Paisley, $57.50, simplybe.com

An adorable frill trim turned edgy with a black and white contrasting paisley print.

5. Simply Black

Low Rise Swim Hipster, $44.95, lanebryant.com

This simple black two-piece by Lane Bryant is perfect for any gal into all-black everything.

6. A Fuchsia Halterneck

The Mogul Fuchsia Underwire Bikini, $54.60, swimsuitsforall.com

This bright color is a perfect contrast to any blue water you'll splash around in this summer.

7. Glittery Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Inspired Harley Quinn Bikini, $33.99, etsy.com/stuffofthedead

If you love comics, love Batman, or just love superhero films, you need this gorgeous glittery bikini.

8. Blue Cobalt Print

Beach To Beach Bikini Set, $52.50, simplybe.com

Is there anything more summery than a pretty blue?

9. Ice Cream Pastels

Ice Cream Shop Bow Tie Bikini Bottom, $58, blackcatbikinis.com

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This is just too cute not to buy.

10. All White Everything

The Beach Babe White Bikini, $47.60, swimsuitsforall.com

The string detailing on this bikini makes it so much more than just a plain white set.

11. Festival Vibes

Caravan Print Shirred Bikini Bottoms, $38.86, nordstrom.com

The halter top of this bikini could totally be worn just as a top, IMO.

12. Stunning Snakeskin

Sea By Melissa Odabash, $67.50, simplybe.com

Snakeskin print always looks chic and the cool gray tones definitely add to that vibe.

13. Khaki Leopard Print

GabiFresh The Tsarina Underwire Bikini, $68.60, swimsuitsforall.com

Gabi Gregg basically invented fatkinis and I'm so glad that her range for swimsuitsforall includes low waisted ones.

14. Spooky Feels

Ouija Board Bikini, $33.99, etsy.com/stuffofthedead

Let your goth wardrobe make its way from your day-wear to your swimwear with this super cool ouija board bikini set.

15. '60s Vibes

Curvy Kate Casablanca Bikini, $117.50, evansusa.com

Pair this with a huge pair of brown tinted sunglasses and some loafers for those ultimate '60s vibes.

16. Red, White, And Blue

Daisy Bow Tie Bikini, $123, blackcatbikinis.com

Stay vaguely patriotic with this red, white, and blue bikini set.

17. Watermelon Wonder

Liz Mcclarnon Bikini Set, $16.49, simplybe.com

Fruit prints in spring and summer never go out of style. They're just too cute.

18. Glamorous Gold

The Beach Babe Gold Bikini, $53.20, swimsuitsforall.com

You might have spotted this in those well publicized, super inclusive Sports Illustrated advertisements. So why not own the bikini, too?

19. Fringe Queen

Tile Print Tassel Bikini, $26, boohoo.com

Who doesn't love a good fringe effect, am I right? This is a lower waist than most on this list, but it perfectly balances the heavy bandeau top.

20. Foiled Yet Again

Plus Size Low Rise Foil Bikini, $40, amazon.com

This is trashy, tacky, and fabulous. You haven't really experienced low waisted until you've shown off the full length of your stomach.

21. Button Up

Curvy Kate Blue Bikini, $75, evansusa.com

A simple blue bikini given pretty detailing with matching buttons.

22. Strings Everywhere

Material Girl Bikini, $90, blackcatbikinis.com

Seriously, if I could wear this without my mom killing me, I definitely would.

23. Arr Me Matey

Pirate Booty Bikini, $33.99, etsy.com/stuffofthedead

For the more alternative among us, pirates are what we usually associate with the sea — rather than dolphins, sun, or florals.

24. Luxury Leopard Print

Beach To Beach Bikini Set, $23.99, simplybe.com

Leopard print will never die. Never.

25. Who Likes Short Shorts?

Curvy Kate Bikini And Shorts Set, $117.50, evansusa.com

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts!

26. Pretty In Pink Polka Dots

Beach Blanket Bingo Retro Bikini, $103, blackcatbikinis.com

The most vintage print ever is polka dots, IMO. The super light pink and white combination just makes this suit so much prettier.

27. Kaleidoscope Cool

Aura Bikini Bottoms, $58, nordstrom.com

The trippy effect of these "aura" bikini bottoms would look great paired with the matching tankini top or even something plain.

28. Turquoise

The Smokeshow Seamint Bikini, $47.60, swimsuitsforall.com

The gorgeous back detailing combined with a lovely turquoise hue gives an almost mod look to this bikini.

Let this list serve as a middle finger to anyone who's ever thought that plus size people shouldn't wear swimwear at all — let alone low waisted pieces. We can wear whatever we want, both on and off the beach, and if we want to flaunt our tummies? These suits will do the trick.

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Images: Courtesy Brands