7 Photos Of Plus Size Babes In Low Rise Bikinis

If there is anything that has inspired me in at least a million ways, it's the fatkini movement. However, seeing a low-rise bikini on a plus-size woman is still a rare sight. We exist in an era of fat positivity that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes, but there seems to be this last hurdle of actually revealing our tummies to our body-shaming society. The beauty and confidence of the women who do, refusing to conform to the beauty standards that are actively against fat women in beach attire (or in beach attire that isn't ugly AF) always gives me all the feels. With numerous gorgeous brands supporting the cause, an active Instagram hashtag, and many fatshion bloggers joining in the movement, the amount of fabulous fat bikini wearers we can find online is steadily growing.

A life-changing moment in my life was when I was refusing to get naked in front of a boyfriend, and he told me that my clothes don't hide my body. I'm still as fat naked as I am clothed. For society's sake, we arguably feel this urge to wear "flattering" (aka slimming) clothing styles as we try to collectively ignore what we all know is there. As a fat woman, however, I have a fat stomach. It's not going anywhere just because my bikini bottoms can be tucked into my bra.

The below photos make me proud of my tummy. Maybe next time I hit up the beach, I'll opt for a teeny tiny triangle bottom that's more representative of my panty choices, rather than a granny panty shape that covers — but doesn't remove — my body.

1. Corissa / @FatGirlFlow

Corissa is a massive lover of not just wearing bikinis but celebrating all bodies in bikinis. For a project on her website, she collected images of all different types of plus-size bikini wearers to celebrate diversity not often recognized, even within the fatkini and fat positive movements.

2. Marie / @mariesouthardospina

Bustle's own Marie Southard Ospina conducted an experiment in being a plus-size woman in a low-rise bikini at the beach, and she teaches me about tummy love on an almost daily basis.

3. Caitlin / @majesticovaries

Caitlin is a body-positive blogger, and her changing room selfie was too cute not to post! I hope she actually bought the bikini, instead of just trying it on, because she looks brilliant.

4. Brittney / @brittness389

Brittney has an amazing YouTube channel, and her action shot totally reminds me of Corissa's body-positive slow-mo pool jump that made headlines in July 2015.

5. Georgina / @fullerfigurefullerbust

Georgina's roundup of bikini choices for her honeymoon included a large variety of different styles, including several amazing low rise pieces.

6. Ameillia / @bedford_avenue_soy_distributer

Ameillia's vegan Instagram account dispels any myths that all vegans are thin. I love this two-piece, mainly because it's the opposite of a bra top and high bikini bottoms. The long top and tiny bottoms look gorgeous and make a statement.

7. Lauren / @4locrow

This is my fave bikini shot of anybody ever in the history of the world. Lauren looks too cool to function.

Images: 4locrow/Instagram