'The Boss' 11 Celeb Cameos Ranked, From Peter Dinklage To Oprah's BFF

Before she'll be busy catching ghosts in the highly anticipated Ghostbusters reboot, Melissa McCarthy is hitting theaters in The Boss. In the new film, McCarthy plays billionaire Michelle Darnell, who hits a rough patch when she's convicted of insider trading, causing her to lose everything. McCarthy isn't the only big name in the movie, though. Kristen Bell co-stars as Claire, Michelle's personal assistant and only friend, and while the McCarthy and Bell are, clearly, the main event, there are also a fair amount of awesome performers who appear as supporting characters or in blink-and-you-miss-it roles.The celeb cameos in The Boss are simply too good.

There are quite a few surprise appearances in The Boss, but if you're looking for a parade of celebrity cameos, as seen in Zoolander 2 , this movie will definitely not satisfy your needs. For one thing, the celebrity factor of the people present is a bit smaller, and for another, there are only two cameos from stars actually playing themselves. However, that doesn't make the appearances any less awesome — here are 11 cameos in The Boss, ranked.

11. Ben Falcone


Fans of McCarthy might recognize Ben Falcone from his role as the Air Marshall Jon in Bridesmaids, but he's way more than just a supporting player. Falcone actually directed The Boss and co-wrote it with McCarthy. Oh, and he's also her real life husband.

10. Peter Dinklage

Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage has way more than just a cameo in The Boss, but his outlandish villain is so wacky, I had to include it here. In The Boss, Dinklage trades in his armor and dragons for a ponytail and extremely well-tailored suits. Dinklage plays Renault (formerly Ronald), a business rival of Michelle's who plots her demise. (To be clear: Dinklage's low place on the list is solely due to the fact that he's more of a supporting player than cameo actor, not because his appearance isn't awesome. Trust me, it is.)

9. Kristen Schaal


Kristen Schaal is featured in a few scenes in the film as a meek Dandelion (basically the Girl Scouts) leader. As always, Schaal steals every scene she's in. Can someone get her more than just a bit part in the next movie, please?

8. Gayle King

Gayle King plays herself in The Boss. It's a short cameo that's nice, but not all that hilarious in the end. Hence it's place on the list.

7. Vivian Falcone


I didn't realize this until I was looking at the credits for The Boss on IMDB, but McCarthy and Falcone's daughter, Vivian Falcone also has a small cameo as a younger version of Michelle Darnell. Aww.

6. Cecily Strong


Cecily Strong has officially gone from stealing scenes on Saturday Night Live to stealing them on the big screen with her role as Claire's (Kristen Bell) new, insufferable boss.

5. Timothy Simons

Veep's Timothy Simons also appears in a supporting role as Renault's assistant, Stephan. In the movie, he's only slightly more appreciated than Veep's Jonah, so it's kind of an upgrade.

4. Annie Mumolo

Annie Mumolo, one half of the brains behind Bridesmaids, is actually a pretty prolific actor. (That's her in Bridesmaids making a cameo as the terrified plane passenger.) In The Boss, she has a few scenes as an uptight mother of a fellow Dandelion.

3. Margo Martindale


Margo Martindale has a very brief cameo as a nun who took care of Michelle Darnell when she was growing up. The actor is wonderful, and it's a shame she couldn't do more in the film. Still, I'll take any Martindale scenes I can get.

2. Kathy Bates


Kathy freakin' Bates, people! I won't spoil the nature of her cameo here, because it's just too delicious.

1. T-Pain

If you've been paying attention to the trailers, then you know T-Pain appears in The Boss to perform "All I Do Is Win" alongside Michelle Darnell. In case you were wondering, it's McCarthy who does the rap. And, yes, it's pretty glorious.

I think Michelle Darnell would approve of the awesomeness of these cameos, and that's really all anyone can ask for in life.

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