Your Favorite '90s Characters As Powerpuff Girls

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

What happens when you recreate beloved ‘90s characters in the style of a beloved ‘90s cartoon? A magical, mind-bending vortex of beloved ‘90s awesomeness, that’s what. If you’ve ever tried to imagine your favorite ‘90s characters as Powerpuff Girls, today is about to be your best day, thanks to the Powerpuff Yourself website and my overwhelming curiosity about what Agent Scully and Willow would look like with giant animated eyes.

In case you missed it, few days ago the Cartoon Network launched Powerpuff Yourself, a website that lets you create custom Powerpuff avatars. Of course, everyone’s first impulse was to create Powerpuff selfies, but we soon realized that the website holds the potential to Powerpuff basically any person or fictional character, allowing for a Technicolor Powerpuff universe populated by Powerpuff Kardashians, Powerpuff presidential candidates, and Powerpuff Harry Potter characters. And now it’s time to head back to the era in which the Powerpuff Girls were born, in order to Powerpuff the past: Say hello to the Powerpuffed ‘90s.

As you marvel at these animated versions of your favorite ‘90s characters, keep in mind that, although Powerpuff Yourself is awesome, it offers limited options in terms of colors, clothing, and accessories for characters, so these renditions are more “inspired by” versions than exact replicas.

Cher, Clueless

No Powerpuff version of the '90s could be complete without the immortal Cher Horowitz, rocking a yellow blazer (that I WISH were plaid) and having a cell phone long before the rest of us did.

Dionne, Clueless

Obviously, you can't have Cher without Dionne. Tragically, Powerpuff Yourself doesn't have an insane black and white top hat as an accessory option (I can't imagine why). But if you imagine those black and white stripes as black and white plaid and squint a little, you'll see Dionne being her awesome self at the mall.

Kelly Kapowski, Saved By the Bell


Steve Urkel, Family Matters

I couldn't get rainbow suspenders, so I gave Urkel the next best thing: Rainbow pants. (Who doesn't love a good rainbow legging?)

Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow, you glorious, studious witch, you. You rock that awful '90s sweater!

Spike, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Just imagine those teeth were a little pointier, and you'll have the spitting image of Buffy's most entertaining vampire (Yes, I count Angel in there). He gets a cloud of hearts because, although he may look angry, we all know that underneath that soulless, violent, undead exterior, Spike is just desperate for love.

Daria Morgendorffer, Daria

It's hard to make Daria look cynical when she's got giant anime eyes, but underneath all the Powerpuffery, she's as deadpan as ever.

Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I had to work with what was available, but obviously the real Fresh Prince would have his cap on sideways and everything would be neon.

Angela Chase, My So-Called Life

Oh, Angela. She's staring longingly at Jordan Catalano, teetering on the verge of her amazing cry-face, and wishing she had overalls on underneath her plaid shirt. Through her headphones, she's listening to Buffalo Tom on repeat.

Agent Scully, The X-Files

Agent Scully, sporting a kickass pantsuit as usual, is frowning skeptically at yet another crazy theory of Mulder's. In the '90s, that hoverboard still hadn't been invented, so clearly it's a bit of alien tech that she's investigating.

Images: Powerpuff Yourself