Jedi Appearing In 'Rogue One' Might Not Happen, But Don't Count Them Out Completely — VIDEO

It appears as if a whole lot more has been going on in the Star Wars galaxy than fans originally realized. While Obi-Wan Kenobi was getting over the loss of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side and continuing to train the next Jedi Masters, Anakin was leading the Empire as Darth Vader — and plans for the Death Star were underway. However, the Rebellion did not sit idly by before Luke, Princess Leia, and even Han Solo came into the picture in Star Wars: A New Hope. In the time between Episode III and Episode IV, rebel Jyn Erso was sent on a mission to retrieve Darth Vader's very plans — and that's the story that gets teased in the Rogue One trailer released on Thursday. However, despite the latest Star Wars movie including everything from Storm Troopers to TIE Pilots to Darth Vader himself, it still seems like something is missing. Basically, after seeing this trailer, I only have one question on my mind: Will there be any Jedi in Rogue One?

Sure, the Jedi and the power of the Force don't exactly seem to be all that important when it comes to this story. Instead, Rogue One sets out to explain how the rest of the Rebellion was standing up against Darth Vader and the rule of the Empire. However, the lack of lightsabers, Yoda, and even Obi-Wan Kenobi in the new trailer did make me eager for more Jedi-inspired Star Wars universe throwbacks. In watching the trailer now, all recollection of the Jedi does seem to be left out.

Star Wars on YouTube

Personally, I don't think it seems very likely that Jedi will hold a prominent role in the film. However, I wouldn't say that the Jedi are completely absent. Whether the Jedi are briefly mentioned through conversation amongst the rebel bounty hunters or we only get a taste of the Force through the powers of Darth Vader himself, the notions will probably be there. But as for a main character turning out to be a Jedi? That, unfortunately, seems pretty unlikely.

However, as always, fan theories can keep fans open-minded when it comes to this notion. In fact, Rogue One actor, Donnie Yen, already sparked rumors that his character might contain the power of the Force on Reddit back in January simply by talking about his role and mentioning the words, "I have full confidence Rogue One will do extremely well, because the Force is with me." And, of course, the possibilities don't stop there. With the strength of Felicity Jones' main protagonist, Jyn Erso, fans have also been linking the possibility of Jyn actually being Rey's mom. If that's the case, perhaps she is responsible for Rey's awakening of the powers of the Force come Episode VII. At this point, you never really know. Either way, I'm going to make sure my Jedi training is up to speed, because this battle looks intense.

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