Jennifer Lawrence Calls Herself A “Nana,” Which Begs The Question, “What Kind Of Crazy Nana Does She Have?"

This isn't exactly how I'd describe J. Law, but in an April interview with Harper's Bazaar, Jennifer Lawrence called herself a "nana." What's that now? Is that really how she sees herself? I don't know about you, but I definitely wouldn't classify the Oscar-winning actor as boring. When it comes to how you view yourself compared to others, it usually varies, so I guess I understand where she's coming from. She probably doesn't think she's as exciting as everyone else does. That said, The Hunger Games star managed to disprove her remark in the very same interview.

About her being a so-called "nana," she said,

I don't really stay out late. I'm kind of a bummer. I'm a nana. It's hard to get me out, and when I do go out I don't really stay out late. If I do stay out late and I'm partying hard, I will throw up. I don't have the tolerance to black out; I just start puking.

That's truly a classic Lawrence answer, isn't it? However, if you read through her entire chat, you'll quickly notice that the 25-year-old fan-favorite lives quite the thrilling life that is nowhere near uneventful. I mean, she's previously made headlines for hanging with Adele and Emma Stone, chilling with Aziz Ansari, and basically being BFFs with Amy Schumer. That sure doesn't like a "nana" to me.

With that, here are a few other fun stories she shared with Harper's Bazaar that will make you wish you could be everyone wishes they could J. Law for a day.

She & Aziz Exchanged Valentine's Day Gifts

It's not news that Lawrence and Ansari spent Valentine's Day together. However, J. Law just dished about what they got each other as gifts. "It was the one night I could see Aziz," she told Harper's Bazaar about their Valentine's hangout. "For Valentine's he got me a stuffed animal, and I got him a That's So Raven Valentine's Day card." First, I need to see this That's So Raven Valentine. Second, does this sound like something a "nana" would do? I don't think so.

She Had A Crazy Night With Woody Harrelson


The same evening she chilled with Adele and Emma Stone, Lawrence experienced a night of vomiting thanks to alcohol. That evening also included some craziness with her Hunger Games co-star Woody Harrelson. She hilariously revealed,

Woody cut his foot. He stayed over in one of my guest bedrooms, but that's where I started puking. I broke a candle because I can't just puke like a normal person — I flay my arms everywhere. And I didn't clean it up because I'm an asshole. The next day he cut his foot open. I was like, "F*ck, am I going to get sued?" And he's like, "Are you going to ask if I'm OK?" That night got crazy.

Yeah, that's totally grandma-status.

Dior Flies Her To Paris


Lawrence and Dior have quite the relationship. So much so, that the brand caters to her like you wouldn't believe. "I could not believe it when they signed me [to be in their campaigns]," said. "They fly me to Paris and get me hotel rooms, and I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? You don't have to be so nice!'" Yeah, I do that every weekend. Oh wait, just joking. I guess that mean I'm the "nana," not J. Law.

She couldn't be farther from a bore. If she considers any of the above boring, then I want to hang out with her to see what she classifies as fun.

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