Who Is Andrew On 'Scandal'? He's Giving Her Major Flashbacks To Her Kidnapping

So much has happened this season on Scandal that it's easy to forget the other insane things that happened on this show, like Olivia's kidnapping, but it's still very much a part of her past. And now, that past is coming back to haunt her. On this week's episode, Olivia comes face to face with someone who was involved in that incident, and it leads to some pretty scary consequences. But first things first: Who is Andrew on Scandal ? In case you've forgotten, here's a refresher — and how he's coming back to give Liv nightmares even now.

Not only was Andrew the one who orchestrated Olivia's kidnapping, but he was also Fitz's Vice President who happened to have had a relationship on the side with Mellie. He's brought back into the picture when Abby finds out Lillian Forester — the journalist Fitz has been dating — was spotted in a medical facility, and Quinn, Marcus, and Olivia follow her there to find out she's been working with Andrew. They're working on an exposé about how Fitz went to war with West Angola in order to save Olivia, and if it gets out, it's obviously going to cause major problems for Fitz... and basically everyone in the White House.

It comes out that "one of Olivia's friends" stuck Andrew with a needle and caused him to have a stroke, which is why he's confined to a wheelchair and now lives in a medical facility. Later, Olivia finds out it was Huck, because of course it was. She warns him not to finish what he started, and he abides by her wishes... but that all changes when Elizabeth North approaches him and tells him he needs to kill Andrew before he becomes even more dangerous.

The next time we see Huck, he's injecting another needle into Andrew's neck, and he brings his unconscious body to Olivia and Abby. When he comes to, Olivia tries to find a way to get him to stop the story from coming out. He drives a hard bargain, and that just proves one thing: He's even more manipulative than ever.

Image: Richard Cartwright/ABC