15 Hair & Beauty Tools From The '90s That Kids Today Wouldn't Recognize — PHOTOS

It’s difficult to look back at old pictures of ourselves and not question why we ever left the house with a certain hairstyle or outfit. But with these hair and beauty tools from the '90s that children today wouldn’t even recognize, you have to start questioning not only what we wore back then, but also the amount of effort some of us put into our beauty routine.

Don’t get me wrong: For a very special occasion, I’m willing to put in an extra 15 to 45 minutes of work into my #FOTD or #OOTD. But the amount of crimpers and clips and weird fake hair we would pile onto our heads just for a day of school in the '90s was flat out insane.

In the '90s, I was young enough to not have much control over what I wore or what my hair looked like on a given day. But with the throwback pictures, I have a pretty good educated guess that I was my mother’s live Barbie doll to dress in what she thought were the cutest matching outfits, complete with frilly socks, and tried everything to get my hair to hold volume. A few of these 15 hair and beauty products actually haunt me still.

1. Crimper

Bed Head Little Tease Crimper, $25, Amazon

What the 1-inch barrel curling iron is today, the crimper was in the early 1990s. Crimped hair was cool at school or even on the red carpet. And to be honest, crimping hair is a lot easier than trying to create today's perfect beach waves.

2. Comb Headbands

Scunci Stretch Combs, $6, Amazon

Whether staying in our going out, these were the one-step solution to getting those annoying bangs out of your face for the day. Plus, every time you put one on, it was like a tiny scalp massage.

3. Fake Hair Tie

Long Curly Brown Hair Wig Ponytail Holder Scrunchie Hairpiece, $2, Amazon

Honestly, if kids saw these today, they would freak out. But for girls with thin hair, like me in the '90s, these were BAE.

4. Butterfly Clips

The butterfly clips were, IMO, arguably the best hair tool of the '90s for many reasons. They worked on any type of hair. They always stayed in place. They could be added even if they weren't necessary. OK, they were basically never necessary, but that was kind of the point.

5. Rubber Curlers

Conair Flexible Rollers Spiral Curls, $7, Amazon

These tools were both a blessing and a curse. It was an easy way to curl your hair sans-heat. But kudos to you if you got these out without getting your hair caught in the rubber chamber of torture.

6. Glitter Hair Spray

B-Wild Hair and Body Glitter Spray Gold + Silver, $8, A mazon

In the '90s, you weren't ready to go out until you sprayed your crimped hair with glitter hair spray. And if you got a little on your clothes? Even better.

7. Satin Scrunchies

Sure scrunchies are having their ~moment~ again in 2016, but kids today would likely be turned off by bright, colorful satin scrunchies. But really, these were genius because they wouldn't add that annoying ponytail crease in your hair!

8. The Part Pizzaz

Because why choose between a side part or a middle part when The Part Pizzaz could give you both! Also a member of the great scalp massage club.

9. Glam Twirl

Glam Twirl, $10, Amazon

Ropes and feathers in the hair aren't completely unrecognizable today. But two decades ago, we apparently didn't want to put them in with our hands. Instead, we used the Glam Twirl to wrap yarn around our hair. And it was so fun for slumber parties!

10. Mood Lipstick

Aloe Vera Color Change Mood Lipstick Assorted, $9, Amazon

Don't get excited. Much to my dismay, these never actually changed depending on my mood.

11. Caboodle

Cosmetic Bag Caboodles, $16, Amazon

Today's youths might get the Caboodle confused for a tool kit, or a miniature suitcase for their Barbies. But preteens in the '90s recognize this as the best storage unit for both makeup and hair tools. Honestly, I'm not sure why this ever went away. It's much better for organization than my current makeup bag full of random products.

12. L.A. Looks Hair Gel

L.A. Looks Absolute Styling Sport Hair Gel, $8, Amazon

This brand of hair gel was amazing, and used by both men and women. It made your hair look wet, but it was completely dry. And this was definitely more indestructible than hairspray.

13. The Coolest Lip Gloss Applicator

Panda 50PCS 3ML Pink/White DIY Lip Gloss, $36, AliExpress

The lip gloss came out when you rotated the bottom of the tube. This was my first lip gloss, and I'll be honest, it was more of a toy than a beauty product. I've looked for lipgloss like this since, and I can't find it anywhere.

14. Diamond Barrettes

Aurora Borealis Crystal Sunburst Hair Spins, $15, Amazon

I never fully understood how these stayed in your hair. But they sure were cool.

15. Barbie Hair Stamper

You could stamp your Barbies' hair with stickers, beads, or glitter — then stamp your own hair! In the '90s, nothing was better than matching your Barbie's hair.

If we're honest with ourselves, the way we wear our hair today may seem more effortless, but I miss the fun of putting small curls in my hair with a crimper, rather than spend 20+ minutes trying to achieve the perfect loose waves or braiding my bangs back, then accessorizing them with Aurora Borealis Crystal Barrettes. And if I'm real honest, more than anything I miss that lip applicator.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Warner Brothers; Disney