British Kids React To The Gender Pay Gap & We All Should Be As Sensible As They Are — VIDEO

Kids often have an innate understanding of fairness, so you can imagine what they think things like the gender pay gap. Luckily for you, though, you don't have to imagine it, because a video of adorable British kids reacting to the gender pay gap shows you exactly what happens when children are confronted with unequal pay, both in theory and in practice. They are predictably not enthusiastic about the phenomenon — and it's worth noting that the boys are every bit as against it as the girls.

The gender pay gap is a complicated thing to pin down. There are all sorts of complex factors involved from the differences in pay between fields to the so-called "confidence gap." But whatever the various factors are that go into causing it, it's a widespread problem, affecting everyone from Hollywood actresses to sports stars — even women in working in female-dominated fields aren't exempt. And even though it rarely is quite so simple as a sexist boss sitting back in a corner office twirling his mustache as he gleefully pays women less, at the end of the day, it still boils down to the same thing: Women make less money despite working just as hard. And, bizarrely, there are actually people that argue that this is OK, or at the very least don't seem bothered by it.

As seen in the new video from Expert Market, however, we see that this is not an attitude you'll find among kids. The kids start off in boy-girl pairs, each child doing the same task.

Then they gave the boys more rewards than the girls.

Male or female, none of the kids are pleased. They're in fact even less pleased when they learn about the real, widespread gender pay gap.

And it's notable that the boys in the video are just as against the idea of men getting paid more as the girls are. Because it's obvious to all of the kids that fair is fair. Now if only we found that same sense of fairness in adults.

Images: Expert Market (5)