Where's Rory At The Start Of The 'GG' Revival?

The need for Gilmore Girls revival intel has reached an all-time high. Thankfully, the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly has provided us with some photographic sneak peeks and insider info. Take, for instance, this tidbit from EW's new Gilmore Girls revival cover story about where Rory's life has ended up. When the revival begins, EW writes: "Rory's one article published in The New Yorker hasn't exactly helped her journalism aspirations, and she's living a vagabond life and not seeing much of her mom."

I know you're going to need a minute to process that. When we left Rory last, she seemed to be on the path to success. She was in a great place with Lorelai, and about to cover Obama's campaign trail. She was going to be hugely successful in the field of political journalism. That was her destiny! She's Rory Gilmore after all. Yale grad, straight-A Chilton student, overall the wittiest, smartest, and most shining celestial body to spring from Stars Hollow. Right?!

Even though it's upsetting to learn that Rory didn't end up where we all thought she would, this isn't the first time she's "failed" in some way. But the good news is that Rory will get through this and come out the other side, because she has before.

Rory's intelligent. She's an overachiever. She's a go-getter. But I think we forget she's more than just those things — she's also a multi-layered individual. And despite how the townies of Stars Hollow view her (as the blue-eyed golden child who can do no wrong), she's not perfect, and she's experienced a lot of setbacks like this before. For instance, remember when Rory dropped out of Yale after Mitchum Huntzberger (noted newspaper mogul) told her she didn't have what it takes to make it in the journalism biz? Rory's leaving school led to a whole half-season of Rory's downward spiral — i.e. "The Rory Gilmore Dark Ages." She moved into Emily and Richard's pool house, joined the Daughters of the American Revolution, distanced herself from Lorelai, and even got bangs.

Despite all those curveballs, though, Rory didn't give up in the end. She went back to school, graduated, and even fixed things with Lorelai.

There are other times that Rory has "failed." Like, remember when she missed Lorelai's college graduation so she could see Jess? Or, when she stole that yacht with Logan? Or, when she slept with a married Dean? But, the ups and downs of Rory Gilmore have insofar always landed on the up. That's why I'm not worried about her. There's nothing that leads me to believe Rory won't find solace and happiness in her post-journalistic career. By the look of the photos Entertainment Weekly recently released, she might be teaching, which could bring her more fulfillment than journalism could at this stage in her life.

And if it's not? Then she'll figure it out.

She always does.

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