Eva Mendes' Joke About Ryan Gosling on 'Ellen' Was Either Really Cute or Really Sad

Eva Mendes is driving us craaaaazy. With rumors flying that she and Ryan Gosling broke up, since they haven't been photographed together since October (the horror), and pregnancy rumors sparking because Mendes refused to go through a full body scanner at the airport and requested to be hand-checked instead, we've literally been on the edge of our seats waiting to hear any official news. Not because we detest Eva and not because we don't find Ryan to be the most gorgeous man on earth or anything, but... you catch my drift. So, when Eva Mendes was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she showed off her sense of humor regarding the breakup and pregnancy rumors, being the sly woman that she is.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Mendes what her Valentine's Day plans were, the actress chuckled:

HMMM. You know exactly what you're doing there, lady.

So, if they DID break up, that could have been a really sad question. Who hasn't watched The Notebook and cried at least once? And you can't really avoid that movie on Valentine's Day.

And if they DIDN'T break up, that's a funny and witty statement. But it may make some girls jealous because she'll probably be sharing that deep dish with Gosling.

But either way, by addressing the rumor indirectly, Mendes is clever — and is also mean and not telling. Harrumph. The The Place Beyond the Pines actress also addressed her pregnancy rumors, and at least basically told us that she's not pregnant with a baby Gosling.

Maybe the phrase "personal pat down" is a clue. Why would you need one if you were still dating Gosling? Harrrrr harrrrr. But seriously, Eva.

Watch Mendes' interview below and judge for yourself if she's single or not:

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