Are Beyonce's Ivy Park Clothes Waterproof? This Line Looks Pretty Multi-Purpose

By now you've probably gathered all the information you possibly can on Beyoncé's forthcoming Ivy Park athleisure collection. I'm sure you've memorized how much it will cost, where you can buy it, and, of course, the launch date (so soon, you guys!) but have you thought about whether Ivy Park clothing is waterproof? If you're hoping to work out rain or shine in this super cool range of exercise gear meets streetwear, you just might be in luck.

I use the word "might" because there's no official word on whether these pieces are waterproof, but from the looks of the launch video that the singer produced to announce her new label, some of them at least seem suitable for swimming, jogging in the rain, or some combination of both. Sure, this could just be some artful cinematography, but I'm not sure Queen Bey would play with our hearts like that. The two-minute advertisement features an awful lot of water, and even shows Beyoncé taking a dip in a pool wearing an Ivy Park bodysuit and then slipping on some branded pool slides (fingers very tightly crossed that these are actually going to be available for purchase).

Look at all that water! She doesn't even look slightly worried about getting her clothes wet.

Here she is swimming in a long sleeved bodysuit that could either be a rash guard style swimsuit or a multipurpose one-piece. Only time will tell, but if Beyonce's willing to get that outfit wet, than so am.

Later she emerges from the water in a different style top, but I can't tell whether it's another one piece or a waterproof sports bra.

Either Beyonce is offering some pieces specifically for swimming, the Ivy Park clothes are waterproof, or some combination of the two. To be honest, I'm hoping that the entire line is multi-purpose, because wouldn't going for a swim in the same tank top you wore all day be the very definition of "athleisure?" Either way, I'm confident Queen Bey won't let me down.

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