Pizza Is Your Best Friend & Here's Why

So you're stranded on an island, and you get to pick one thing to ensure survival. Some may opt for something practical, like a fire-starter or a water filtration device. Personally, if I had to pick the one thing I couldn't survive without, it would be my best friend...and pizza. In a sense, good pizza is like a good friend. The best kinds are authentic, original, and smell like cheese.

There's no arguing that friends and pizza go hand in hand. (By that I mean, I eat my pizza with one hand, and I like to hold my friend's hand as I eat it.) The parallels between the two are so deeply intertwined we often forget they are separate entities. No matter the time or distance apart, they have been and will continue to be the most consistent parts of your life. And while pizza and friends may change over time, there’s no need to fret. Your relationships with both are solid. Big occasion or small, good day or bad, your best friend and pizza will be there for you.

At this point, you probably want a comprehensive list of reasons why pizza is actually your best friend, right? We’ve teamed up with DIGIORNO® Pizza to bring you that very list, because, like a great friend, no pizza rises to the occasion like DIGIORNO. You're welcome, world.

1. It's The First Thing You Look For At A Party

You've been in this position before, so you know what to do. Upon entering the party, you scan the room until you find your safe haven, either friend or food (or occasionally, dog). Once you and pizza spot each other, you're inseparable for the duration of the party. It's a match made in heaven.

2. You Pick Each Other Up When You're Down

After a terrible day, there are few things that can pull you out of a rut: a puppy, your best friend, and pizza. And while you may not be ready for the responsibility of a puppy yet, the other two are perfectly viable companions.

3. It Comforts You Just By Being There

Your best friend knows you better than anyone — even that one person from high school who "likes" every single one of your posts on social media. Secret internet fans aside, when you're feeling down, a best friend / pizza knows that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

4. You've Considered Marriage

Just like your human best friend, pizza is marriage material. You plan on spending the rest of your lives together in a sacred union of unconditional commitment and unbreakable love. Point being: if it ain't broken, why fix it?

5. Distance Is A Non-Factor

With best friends, distance doesn't change a thing. The same goes for pizza. You're going to have to get up and go get it once in a while. Whether you reach them by plane, car, foot, or hologram, you'll always figure out a way to get to your friend / pizza. Alternatively, just move your friend into your apartment — and your pizza into your freezer.

6. You Get Jealous When You See It With Other People

Of course your best friend has other friends. It's cool. She's the greatest person in the world, so everyone is going to want a piece. Seriously. It's fine. While you like the idea of having your favorite person (or pizza) all to yourself, there's plenty to go around. Sharing is caring!

7. There's Always Room For It

For best friends, there will always be a seat at the table, a spot in your heart, and room in your stomach. Same goes for the heavenly marriage of marinara sauce, crust, and cheese — obviously.

8. Your Life Would Be Far Less Full Without It

The thought of a world without friends and/or pizza is too much of a nightmare to bear. It's a quality of life thing. 'Cause just as friendship fills your heart with love, understanding, and fun, so does pizza — with the added benefit of tasting amazing.

9. It Makes Any Situation Better

Whether you're watching TV, hanging out on your stoop after getting locked out of your place, or pretty much doing anything else, pizza and best friends enhance every possible occasion. All hail pizza!

This post is sponsored by DIGIORNO® Pizza, which helps you rise to every occasion.

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