Craig & Naomie Are The Cutest On 'Southern Charm'

When reality TV fans first met Craig on Southern Charm, he was young, adorable and taking full advantage of the Charleston-scene when it came to romantic options. When we left him at the end of Season 2, he was still living that single and ready to mingle life. But, things took a crazy turn when we returned for Season 3. Craig returned to Charleston with a girlfriend by his side. When he announced that he was in a serious relationship with said lady, fans like me all clutched our collective pearls in shock. But, it's very real, and Craig and Naomie are still together and entirely too adorable for words.

I'll admit, the jaded, skeptical side of me assumed that these two wouldn't last a whole season together. It had nothing to do with Naomie and everything to do with Craig and his reputation. After all, this is the guy who, in Season 2, told Cameron that ladies were his "favorite hobby." But, I'll happily eat my hat, because the pair is not only still together today, but they are so sweet as a couple that it will give you a toothache. Craig seems to have truly met his match. Naomie even seems to have the full approval of his fellow cast mates/friends.

Still having trouble believing that Craig has been struck by Cupid's arrow? Take a look at some of their adorable social media moments.

They Golf Together

If you can get through 18 holes of golf together, you are probably going the distance. Also, how adorable do they look in their serious golf outfits?

They Are Each Other's Best Friend

They attend fashion shows together and Naomie refers to him as her "bestie." That's love.

They '70s Together

They attended Shep's "Shepic" birthday party decked out in full '70s attire. They look like an cute hippy couple, and I love it. When you can manage to maintain your sexiness while wearing those clothes, you are right for each other. That's just science.

They Attend Farmer's Markets

When you are picking out fresh vegetables together you have officially reached the apex of being a serious couple.

They Cook Dinner

The couple that cooks healthy meals and then endorses it on Instagram together, stays together.

They Travel

They went to Paris together and ice skated on top of the Eiffel Tower. Who even knew that was a thing? I can't with these two.

Regardless of Craig's past reputation, it looks like he has finally settled down with the lady of his dreams. By the looks of how much fun they have together, I think these two have what it takes to go the distance.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo