Are Lancome Juicy Tubes Back?

Is lip gloss really and truly back? More specifically — are Lancome's Juicy Tubes back? Sort of. Gloss is definitely mounting a comeback, as Kylie Jenner just launched her sold-out Like, Literally, and So Cute Kylie Glosses. Those are packed with megawatt, color-rich shine, even though Jenner is largely responsible for the seriously matte lip texture and trend that has asserted its dominance for the past year and change. However, since gloss is resurgent, what about specific and beloved products and brands? Are those in vogue again and coming up with new lip innovations?

There's no arguing that Juicy Tubes were a super popular gloss in the '00s. Yes, I unabashedly admit to stuffing the pale pink Spring Fling shade —OK, it was almost clear but the shine was serious— into the back pocket of my low-rise jeans for years. Now, Lancome is now launching the Juicy Shaker. Is it a new iteration of the Juicy Tube? Not quite.

These luxe lippies are available online as of April 11. The Juicy Shaker is an entirely new lip category and a new lip experience. It's not a straight up gloss. Sort of like Kylie Jenner's Metal Mattes are a new category and can be either an upgrade to or a sister of her Kylie Lip Kits.

What, exactly, are the Juicy Shakers?

Juicy Shaker in Mint to Be, $21, Lancome

According to a press release that Bustle received from Lancome's PR team, the Juicy Shaker is a pigmented lip oil. It's available in 20 shades, each of which has its own fragrance and flavor. Its effectiveness is based on a shake of the container. Wait... what?

Juicy Shaker in Lemon Explosion, $21, Lancome

Since there are two elements contained within, the tube requires a few quick shakes to mix the pigments and the oils. That's why the tube is shaped like a martini shaker! I love a product that is both cute and functional.

Juicy Shaker in Boom Meringue, $21, Lancome

This lip oil combines the soothing properties of a balm with the glam shine of a gloss, minus that annoyingly sticky residue that makes you avoid wearing gloss on a windy day for fear of strands sticking to your mouth, leaving you to deal with gunky, greasy locks, as well. No wants that!

Juicy Shake in It's My Jam, $21, Lancome

The end result is a flush of color that is also buildable. You can swipe as many coats as you'd like and depending on how much color concentration or saturation you are going for. Essentially, the Juicy Shakers are customizable and they look crazy awesome.

Juicy Shaker in Piece of Cake, $21, Lancome

Some of the extra nourishing ingredients in Juicy Shakers include hydrating Apricot Oil; healing and plumping Rose de Muscat Oil; softening Peach Oil; and conditioning Almond Oil. Sounds yummy, shiny, and good for your pucker, right?

Juicy Shaker in Cherry Symphony, $21, Lancome

Who isn't loving all of these juicy and shakeable shades? I'm in.

You can see the separated elements. All you have to do is give it a quick shake, allow the parts to mix, and then apply to your pout with the spongy, lip cushion applicator, which looks so comfy, BTW.

Proceed to shine in a new and lovingly moisturized way.

Anyone else besides me hearing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in their head while perusing these babies?

Images: Courtesy Lancome (7)