What You Need To Know About Cold Sore Scars

Cold sores are nasty little spots that pop up when you really don't want them around. They can be painful, irritating, contagious, and to top it all off, cold sores might scar. A cold sore is the worst kind of uninvited guest; the one that arrives out of the blue, when you're just about to go to some amazing social event. Their timing is impeccable. Cold sores can also pop up when you feel like life is grinding you down and you just can't take anything else. You may have been burning the candle at both ends that resulted in the sniffles and all you want to do is veg out with Netflix, snacks, and a blanket, but now you have the annoyance of having to tend your poorly pout, as well as your streaming nose.

So the million dollar question is: Do cold sores leave scars? As a cold sore veteran, I am sorry to report that in my particular case, they do. However, I am plagued with always getting cold sores in the exact same spot. If you factor in that I probably get two cold sores a year and I've been getting them for maybe a decade, that's approximately 20 cold sores that have been cropping up in the same spot, so it's no wonder there's a slight scar. Although, on the plus side, the scarring is very minimal and you'd probably only notice it if I pointed it out.

As acne and chicken pox can leave scars, it's no wonder that these annoying "fluid-filled sores" can too. England's National Health Service reported that, "Most cold sores disappear within 7 to 10 days without treatment and usually heal without scarring." I believe the key word in this sentence is "usually." Much like a particularly nasty pimple or a chicken pox scab, the key is to resist the urge to pick your cold sore scab. I know it's really difficult, especially if you have something really important planned like a significant business meeting or a first date, but trust me, it'll benefit you in the long run if you leave it alone.

Perhaps you're already sporting a mystery mark on or around your lip area, that you now realize is probably a cold sore scar. Well, all is not lost if you find yourself with a cold sore scar. Fellow Bustler Lindsey Rose Black, discusses the available treatments for cold sore scars that includes using Vitamin E Oil among others.

The moral of the story is: Let sleeping dogs lie and resist the temptation to pick your scab, otherwise you may have a cold sore scar to deal with.

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Images: AdinaVoicu, andiketaren, krystofos/Pixabay