Jacob Tremblay Takes His 'Star Wars' Fandom To An Adorable New Level With His Brand-New Puppy — VIDEO

There are two facts I know for sure about Jacob Tremblay: He's one of the most talented 9-year-olds around and he's a huge Star Wars fan. On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, he got in a lightsaber battle with Giuliana Rancic. He also hung out with The Force Awakens star Oscar Isaac backstage. Now, the Room actor is taking his fandom to an adorable new level. Tremblay named his new puppy Rey, after TFA's leading lady. On Sunday, he wrote,

#drumrollplease Thank you for all your awesome suggestions! Please say hello to #ReyTremblay!!! #namegame #legoatat #cutestpuppyever #toypoodle

Tremblay recently adopted the puppy, who made her red carpet debut at We Day L.A. At the time, he hadn't yet decided on a name. But luckily he consulted his Twitter followers, who gave him plenty of suggestions. Considering his allegiance to The Force, I'm thinking he made the perfect choice. I also love the fact that the dog's name rhymes: Rey Tremblay. That makes an already cute moniker a million times better.

In case you're having a tough time getting through this Monday, I present the video below as the best possible way to cheer up. Between his giggling and the dog jumping in the mirror, it's undeniably adorable.

Here's the photo where he revealed Rey's name to the world, alongside a Lego AT-AT. Clearly, he wanted to take the whole Star Wars theme up a notch.

As he told People, getting a dog was a full-family decision for the Tremblays. He explained, "I wanted to have a dog, my sister wanted to have a dog, my other sister wanted to have a dog, my mom wanted to have a dog. But my dad thought it was going to be too much of a hassle. Then he started to look into it more and he thought, 'Yeah, we can do this.' So we got a dog."

From the looks of it, this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Maybe Tremblay and his new pup will go on a world tour, just like he did with his co-star and real-life pal Brie Larson. Could you imagine all the future adventures featuring him and his dog in new cities? My heart explodes at the thought.

This may be a long shot, but if Tremblay ever needs a puppy-sitter, I'm totally down for the job. Seriously, call me.