This Couple's 'Star Wars' Photoshoot Brings Rey & Finn Shippers Dreams To Life

It's no secret that Star Wars has some super fans out there, and with the franchise's record-breaking new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, these fans have a whole new crop of characters to obsess over. And there's a lot to obsess over, especially when it comes to the film's three main characters, the rebellious scavenger Rey (Daisy Ridley), the reformed Storm Trooper Finn (John Boyega), and, of course, their robot friend BB-8. Han Solo and Princess-turned-General Leia may be our Star Wars OTP, but it's hard to deny the natural chemistry between newbies Rey and Finn. If you're a Rey and Finn shipper — and why wouldn't you be, because they're ridiculously cute — you are going to adore this couple's Star Wars themed photoshoot, because it visualizes Rey and Finn as in love as you want them to be. A just as cute bonus? The fact that they dressed up their baby as a far more lively version of BB-8!

According to ABC News, this Star Wars obsessed family was first spotted at Comic Con in Salt Lake City, where they donned impressive costumes to recreate Rey and Finn's look from The Force Awakens. At the event, Victor Sine dressed up as Finn, while his fiancee Julianne Payne dressed the part of Rey. Payne's one-year-old daughter, Addie, also got in on the action by wearing an adorable BB-8 onesie. Clearly cosplaying at Salt Lake City was a blast, because the couple — who will get married on May 28, reports ABC News — decided to create a photoshoot based around the trio's scenes on the desert planet of Jakku. Check out the adorable photos below:

This family is really taking cosplay to the next level, not to mention making all of our fan fiction dreams come true. Who knows: perhaps we'll see the onscreen version of Rey and Finn's love when the new Star Wars film hits theaters in 2017. Until then, let's be glad that we won't have to wait very long for this real couple's wedding: Sine and Payne insist that they'll incorporate some Star Wars themes into their May nuptials.

Image: Walt Disney Studios