You Can Now Stream "3 Strikes"

Kylie Jenner went from playing supporting character on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to creating her very own empire in just a few short years. Kylie Jenner's famous pout — made possible by temporary lip fillers, according to Jenner herself — has helped the starlet launch her very own makeup line, which includes lip kits that sell out faster than her older sister Kim can break the internet. One of Jenner's newest ventures is adding lip glosses to her line of lip products, which was announced in a video that is making Jenner fans question everything they think they know about this star. The "Glosses" video features the song "3 Strikes" by Terror Jr, and though the song is catchy as ever, no one can identify the person or persons behind Terror Jr. On Monday, Terror Jr's alleged Twitter account announced that "3 Strikes" is officially streaming on Spotify, and it seems to suggest that we might be unveiling the identity of this artist very soon.

Plenty of people in the Twitter sphere believe that the artist behind "3 Strikes" is none other than Jenner herself, and personally I think that this theory still holds weight. Not only has Terror Jr virtually appeared out of nowhere, the only account that Terror Jr follows on Twitter or Instagram is Jenner herself. However, shortly after the song dropped, The Fader reported that "3 Strikes" is actually sung by a still-unidentified artist named "Lisa," and that Terror Jr is a project from Felix Snow and David aka Campa, who worked with Kiiara. With "3 Strikes" being released on Spotify, it seems like the big reveal about who Lisa actually is coming our way.

It's unclear why Terror Jr is choosing to stay mysterious, but whether it's Jenner behind the track or not, the single is definitely receiving attention it deserves. "3 Strikes" is an addictive track perfect for any party playlist, and whoever's name is attached should be proud that they created such a covetable track. Spotify users should stream this one ASAP, because no matter who's behind it, it's one you'll want to listen to.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/YouTube