'GG' Bon Voyage GIFs That Would Even Make Luke Cry

On May 15, 2007, we said a tearful “Bon Voyage” to our beloved Gilmore Girls . While the finale episode was satisfying, Rory got an impressive journalism job, there were major parental feels and Luke and Lorelai kissed, the last season had been a wild ride without Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm. In the end, fans got the finale they deserved after seven seasons of Gilmore love and loyalty. But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all still yearn for more episodes written by the incomparable Sherman-Palladino. After being teased with reunion talk for eight years, fans got their way with a successful cast reunion last month in Austin at the ATX Festival. And, it was amazing. (Guys, HEP Alien even played the theme song!)

But as great as the reunion was, there are some Gilmore voids that can only be filled with excessive amounts of Gilmore Girls viewings, which all eventually culminate with in the finale episode “Bon Voyage” that, like wine, cheese, and George Clooney, only gets better with age. The final episode of the series holds up as the bittersweet farewell to an intelligent, loving program that taught us about family, determination and the spirit of sisterhood. Let’s take a trip back to 2007 and revisit Stars Hollow for the last time, again, with GIFs from the finale. Remember, it’s OK to cry.

1. The Tears Start Welling Up As Soon As You See This …

It’s the last time you'll start an episode… Until you restart the entire series again.

2. Rory Meets Her Idol Christiane Amanpour

Because life is just that fair — kidding! The meeting is pretty awesome because Rory has recently let go of Logan and experienced some professional setbacks. This is our first inkling that Rory will be just fine.

3 & 4. Rory Lands Her Dream Job

And it’s everything the girls have been working toward all these years.

5. Of Course, The New Job Means This Is The Last Friday Night Dinner

After-dinner drinks, for sure.

6. Luke Saves The Day

Just when we think Rory’s surprise going away party will be rained out. Luke, in a grand romantic gesture for Lorelai, saves the day by sewing raincoats and tarp together to create a big, beautiful, quirky tent. I know it’s cheesy, but it works because we all wanted this to happen so badly!

7. A Little Rain Can’t Spoil The Surprise

Rory’s Bon Voyage party is magical, quaint and funky. Just like Stars Hollow.

8 & 9. So. Many. Feels.

Seriously, everyone is there!

10. Richard Is A Proud Dad

This part gets me every time.

11. Luke + Lorelai Forever

Lorelai realizes what Luke has done and that they are finally both ready to be together for good.

12. Lorelai & Rory’s Goodbye

Rory is ready to face the world, with all of the knowledge, love and strength Lorelai has given her. Are you crying yet? Yeah, me either… I just have something in my eye...

13 & 14. Rory Couldn’t Leave Without Making One Last Stop

OK, now I’m crying.

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