The 'GG' Revival Will Feature Some Traditions

I woke up still internally screaming from Entertainment Weekly’s first official photos of the Gilmore Girls revival, utterly unprepared for a double dose of Stars Hollow. Or make that a triple: Monday three new photos of the Gilmore Girls revival hit the Internet, and it looks like the show is promising a lot of old Gilmore traditions. From weekly dinners with Emily to late night heart-to-hearts between Rory and Lorelai to absolutely bonkers town meetings, everything old is new again... or no, the reverse of that. And it’s getting me psyched for what other Gilmore Girls traditions we can expect from the reboot.

You know what I mean, right? I’m talking about those borderline clichés and/or running jokes from the series that are essentially comfort food to us Gilmore fans. At this point in the game, we’ve systematically collected a lot of information about the four-episode Gilmore Girls revival, via Instagram stalking and cast updates, so you can kind of pinpoint what will make a return. And I for one, am psyched to relive all those wonderful Gilmore rituals.

So without any more delay, here are some of my best guesses for what we should see in the Gilmore Girls revival.

1. Lorelai Starting A Row With Emily At Friday Night Dinner For No Reason

Even sans Richard, it looks as though the Gilmore girls (all three of them) are still dining together. So, without a doubt, Lorelai is going to just snark out Emily during dinner like she's still spiteful about the straight-laced childhood she endured... 30+ years ago.

2. Michel's Celine Dion Obsession Bubbling Into Conversation

We know that Yanic Truesdale is returning as the cantankerous concierge, and, if there's one thing that softens his demeanor, it's the French-Canadian singer.

3. At Least Half A Dozen Meals At Luke's Diner

Luke's hasn't been turned into a Starbucks in the past decade, so this is a guarantee. Really, it's just a matter of how many times the Gilmore girls will dine at that diner.

4. Sookie Getting Into A Cooking-Related Accident

Now that we finally know Melissa McCarthy is coming back, I'd hate it if we didn't have at least one cooking catastrophe.

5. Rory Still Carrying A Book With Her Everywhere She Goes

It seems that Rory's given up on being the next Christiane Amanpour and taken up a career as a teacher. So survey says that she more-than-ever always has a book on hand... and not just a token copy of Jane Eyre she needs for 11th grade Brit Lit.

6. Gilmore Movie Night With Lots And Lots Of Junk Food

Rory and Lorelai are still hanging out quasi-regularly, and how can you watch Willy Wonka without Red Vines?

7. Moreover: Donna Reed Night

You can't get a more vintage Gilmore Girls throwback than Donna Reed night... in many ways.

8. The Dragonfly Inn Having To Host An Impromptu Town Event

Well, maybe not necessarily an impromptu event, but there's definitely going to be an event that'll have to be hosted there last minute. Wedding, anyone?

9. Lorelai Breaking Out The Popcorn At Another Torrid Town Meeting

Actually, this one is canon, and expect Taylor to be the instigator of chaos as per usual.

10. At Least Like, One Throwdown Between Two Of Rory's Exes

All of Rory's boyfriends are returning, and I don't even care which ones get in on this. I just want there to shirtlessness and baby oil involved.

11. An Exercise Pop Culture Banter That's Executed At A Rapidfire Speed

OK, this one is a given, but I'm demanding at least one exchange that's so fast I can only discern "Donald Trump" and "Kylie Jenner's lips."

12. The Consumption So Much Coffee That You Physically Feel Yourself Getting A Secondhand Ulcer

Basically confirmed by virtue of this being Gilmore Girls, but also you can see Rory and Lorelai bonding over some late night mugs of liquid caffeine in the new photos. God, I can already feel it brewing... the coffee, and the ulcer.

It feels like no matter what happens in this revival, our return trip to Stars Hollow is going to feel like a true homecoming.

Images: Netflix; Giphy (12)