The One Image Of Arya That Shows Her Season 6 Journey

When viewers last saw Arya Stark, it was the Game Of Thrones Season 5 cliffhanger, and she was blinded as punishment for settling her own vendettas instead of giving up her identity to be part of The House of Black and White. In a season finale full of shocking twists and turns (see ya, Jon Snow), fans of the HBO series were left wondering if Arya would see again and how her blindness would affect her next season. With the Season 6 premiere inching closer and closer on Sunday, April 24, fans are turning to trailers, the actors’ social media accounts, interviews, and photos for answers about where their beloved characters will be. And while not much info has been revealed, there is one picture of Arya, released by HBO, that shows what her Game Of Thrones season 6 journey will hold.

In the photo of Arya below, she is blind, bloodied, and fighting. She also appears to be dressed as a beggar. Yet although the picture makes it seem like Arya is in a desperate situation, I think it means that she is simply back in The House of Black and White (book spoilers ahead!). In a previous Bustle article, I noted that Arya was not blinded as punishment in the book series for killing Ser Meryn Trant. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, Arya goes blind as part of her training in The House of Black and White. And she does regain her vision, but only after assuming identities and completing training and tasks while blind. One of these challenges is shown in A Dance with Dragons, where Arya assumes the identity of a beggar while blind. This could be the reason behind the outfit in the photo I'm talking about:

Don’t get me wrong, things are not going to be easy for Arya next season as she tortures herself to separate from her identity and complete her brutal training as a faceless assassin. But I do believe Arya will make it through the training and come out on the other side stronger than ever, and with her vision restored. Still, while the books show a promising future for Arya’s sight, TV fans don't know how long she'll be blind during Season 6. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, has been open about her dislike of the blind contacts she has to wear and even posted a photo with compresses on her eyes after filming a Season 6 episode. I'd hate to think Williams would have to suffer like this for her art indefinitely, so hopefully her sight will be restored before long.

In the meantime, fans who have been following sightings of Williams filming scenes for the upcoming season have spotted the actor swimming, fighting, and generally being a badass. Regardless of what unfolds next season, I think Arya can handle whatever comes her way. And while the above photo may seem bleak, I’m sure our girl can handle it — especially if instead of showing her in defense, the photo actually is of her crossing another name off her list.

Images: HBO