What's Jordyn Woods' Snapchat Name? The Answer Will Get You A Closer Look At Life In Kylie Jenner's Squad

If you know anything about the Kardashian and Jenner family, it's that they roll deep at both events and in their daily lives. They are almost always surrounded by their family members, best friends, and of course, their glam squad, so those close to them have been in the spotlight enough to have gained a following of their own. One of Kylie Jenner's squad members Jordyn Woods is her BFF and is often spotted on Jenner's Instagram and on Snapchat. Since the snap is such an important platform on which to follow your faves these days, it might be of use to know what Jordyn Woods' Snapchat name is.

If you really want to know Jenner, you probably need to know Woods and her other BFFs, Harry Hudson and Anastasia "Stassi" Karanikolaou, who all make cameos on her social media. In turn, Jenner also pops up on their channels because they are almost always together. While Jenner chose a Snapchat name that might confuse people and might not be totally obvious, Woods went the traditional route, with a small twist. Woods tweeted out her Snapchat name, telling her fans to follow her on "jordynnwoodss." I assume there was already a "JordynWoods" so she made a small tweak to make sure everyone knew where to find her.

Woods' Snapchat is actually quite a bit like Jenner's. They both like to post selfies, video clips while they're out with friends, and general things that every teenager might be posting on Snapchat. The only thing that is different is that Woods is long-time family friends with the Kardashian-Jenners and Will Smith and his kids, so she's had a different upbringing than the general public. Also, Woods is a model signed to Wilhemina International's Curve division and has a been a strong voice for body image positivity.

As expected, Jenner and her and Woods' best friends make many cameos on Woods' snapchat, and really give an insight to their daily lives, which involve selfies, music, and lots of make up.

And like any good best friend, Woods likes to poke fun at the fact that she is often the third wheel to Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga.

If you're a major fan of this crew and love to keep up with Jenner and the other Kardashians, there isn't any reason you shouldn't be following Woods on Snapchat! She will probably be a star in her own right very soon.