David Fincher + 'Gone Girl' Scribe + HBO = BEST TV

It was a collaboration so nice, they did it twice. After working together on the film adaptation of her novel Gone Girl , David Fincher and writer Gillian Flynn have teamed up to bring the UK series Utopia to American shores on HBO. Color us superfreakingexcited and completely stoked. This one's going to be good.

The conspiracy-laced thriller, originally a production of the UK's Channel 4, Utopia followed a group of die-hard graphic novel fans who, previously unconnected up until this point, join forces. What interest they share, it seems, is in regards to a recently discovered manuscript for a legendary and mysterious graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments. Things ultimately take a turn for the twisty, dark, and weird as it is revealed that, of course, they're not the only ones interested in it. Fight or flight comes into play as a relentless and murder-y organization called The Network targets the group with the quickness. Apparently only one option remains if they want to survive the attack: run. It's no wonder Fincher and Flynn were drawn to the project.

Taking into consideration Fincher's splashy (and delightful) entrance into small screen directing thanks to House of Cards , we're already anticipating what this new iteration of the British series will be. To say nothing of the critical praise the show received on its home turf — so much so that the series creator (who will receive an executive producer credit on the US iteration) Dennis Kelly recently wrapped filming on the series' upcoming second season. Take us to Utopia, Fincher.

Image: Getty Images