The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Will Depict Lane's Sons All Grown Up

It’s hard to believe that someone as young as Lane Kim could have full-grown children at this point in her life, but it turns out that everyone in Gilmore Girls has done a lot of growing up in the almost nine years since the show has been on the air. And Lane’s twin boys, Stevie and Kwan, are no exception: Based off of spoilers seen from the show's filming, they’re full-grown children in the Gilmore Girls revival. So, what exactly do Stevie and Kwan look like these days? It turns out they’re being played by some of the cutest child actors around, so finally we can see what Lane and Zack’s sons look like.

First there’s Stevie. The actor is set to play him is Ezra Dewey, and the casting choice couldn’t be a better one. Remember: The last time we saw Lane’s sons, they were dressed in color-coded clothing on the changing table so Lane wouldn’t get their bottles — or their names — mixed up. But now look at them. Ezra Dewey has starred in a number of commercial and television work, and he looks absolutely perfect for the part.

But while Stevie’s part might be set, it’s still a little unclear who will be playing Kwan. There were early reports that one of Lane’s son would be played by Gregorio Mitchell, the young boy who posed for a number of behind-the-scene shots with the show’s biggest stars. But right now which character he plays in the revival is unconfirmed. In the meantime, Ezra Dewey, who is listed to play Stevie on IMDb, recently posted a picture of himself with child actor Lucas Jaye on the Warner Brothers set. The caption of his photo suggests that they two of them auditioned and got the part on the Gilmore Girls revival together, which would make a lot of sense if they’re playing twin brothers. In the photo’s caption, Dewey wrote, “#gilmoregirls audition with @actorlucasjaye. We booked it and got to hang out at #warnerbrostudios for the day.” It sounds to me like the two were working closely together on whatever role they took on in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Aurora Dewey on YouTube

If Lane’s twin boys are definitely being played by Dewey and Jaye, then the casting directors have wrangled some serious talent, because in addition to Dewey’s incredible work, Lucas Jaye has starred in a number of commercials and television work, including a 2013 AT&T commercial that won over the hearts of mothers everywhere.

Erivelto Santos on YouTube

It’s crazy to think enough time has passed that Lane’s babies are now grown children, but I guess that’s the funny thing about time: You just can’t stop it, no matter how long it takes for something you loved to come back.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures