11 Shows Every ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fan Should Watch ASAP

I always knew this day would come, but that doesn't make the sting any less severe: Vanderpump Rules Season 4 is over. Last week, the bonkers-excellent season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills offshoot raised its glass high and bid us farewell, leaving us to wonder if and when the show will be picked up for a fifth season. Mark my words: If Pump Rules doesn't return within the next year, I will be as cranky as Hanky the swan was when he got buckled into the back of that SUV.

Oh, wait. Silly me, I almost forgot! We don't have to wait a second longer. For I am a sorceress who conjured up some brand new eps of Pump Rules, and I would be more than delighted to share those brand new eps with you. So throw on your viewin' goggles, because it is about to get Pump-tastic in here.

...Augh, you called my bluff. I am actually a charlatan, not a sorceress. Contrary to what I said before, I most certainly cannot make TV episodes that don’t exist appear out of thin air. Sorry.

But do you know what I can do? Compile a list of TV series that should temporarily fill the void left behind by Pump Rules. If you miss Pump Rules as much as I do, this batch of programs may be what you are looking for:

1. Melrose Place

If Pump Rules was a scripted soap opera from the ‘90s, it would be Melrose Place.

2. The L.A. Complex

Aaaand if Melrose Place was set in the aughts, it would be The L.A. Complex.

3. The Hills

Not unlike Pump Rules, reality series The Hills follows the lives of a bunch of hot young adults trying to make their way in the City of Angels. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for cameos by Pumpers Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval.

4. Southern Charm

Do you know who happens to be a big fan of this Bravo series about a group of wealthy Charlestonians? (Besides me, I mean.) The one and only Stassi Schroeder. If her stamp of approval isn't enough to get you on board, then what kind of Pump Rules fan are you?

5. Shahs Of Sunset

You want to watch a phenomenal show about a group of real pals who have been through a lot of ups and downs? As is the case with Pump Rules, the members of the Shahs of Sunset cast were friends long before the Bravo cameras started rolling. And as is the case with Pump Rules, Shahs of Sunset is one of Bravo's best offerings.

6. Jersey Shore

Are you a Stassi and Jax shipper? Then you’re going to lose your marbles over The Saga of Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart.

7. Made In Chelsea

Once upon a time, a wise friend of mine told me that Made In Chelsea was a must-watch. And my wise friend wasn't kidding. If you love drama, glamour, snark, Stephanie Pratt, and British television, then this reality series will be your jam.

8. Cheers

Lookin' for a program that takes place in a friendly neighborhood bar, a la SUR? Fire up the forever iconic situational comedy Cheers.

9. Kell On Earth

If Bravo gave Lisa Vanderpump and Kelly Cutrone a Bar Rescue/Kitchen Nightmares-esque show where the pair helped out floundering small businesses, I would watch the crap out of it.

10. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Without RHOBH, there is no Pump Rules.

11. Vanderpump Rules

When all else fails, just rewatch all four seasons for the zillionth time. No judgment here.

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