Lisa Rinna Fights With Kim Richards & Co. On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' & It's Time To Put It To Rest

I doubt anyone is really surprised that Lisa Rinna ended this season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills the same way she began it. She legitimately hasn't gone one episode without stirring up some kind of storm within the group. Kyle Richards had a party at her gorgeous house and Rinna spent the entire night picking various fights and dredging up old gossip. It began with the same old story arguing with Lisa Vanderpump, but Rinna decided to add Kim Richards into the line of fire.

You would think that after Dubai, Rinna would let some of the Vanderpump drama go and move on. After all, they literally spent the entire time they were in that gorgeous city discussing it. We all need to stop trying to rationalize the actions of Rinna and her co-conspirator, Eileen, because they are just a drama-causing tsunami. They defy logic at this point.

When everyone showed up to Kyle's fancy party, Rinna began her reign of drama by walking into the soirée and immediately grabbing Yolanda to speak to her. She literally neglected to even say, "Hello." Basically the discussion was Rinna blaming Vanderpump for the infamous Munchausen conversation. Are we really still being subjected to this conversation? Give it up, Rinna!

Once Rinna started that fire burning, Yolanda felt the need to discuss the whole thing with LVP, herself. LVP denied that she started the Munchausen conversations, and Rinna walked by them with Eileen making icy comments. The whole thing was unbelievably frustrating.

Rinna wasn't done, though. She then set her sights on Kim Richards. Rinna insisted that Kim's issues and who Kim has lunch with was definitely Rinna's business. Everything is Rinna's business, guys.

I'll definitely be curious to see how everyone reacts to Rinna and Eileen during the reunion. I think their pot-stirring is going to catch up with them, and we may have a crazy reunion to look forward to. I know I'm looking forward to seeing the drama unfold next week — and to hopefully see these tired arguments laid to rest.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo(2)