The Many Types Of Visits From "Aunt Flo"

Getting your period is a fact of life for roughly half the world's population, and throughout our lives, having it show up can provoke lots of different reactions — as you can see quite clearly in the humorous video "A Visit From Aunt Flo" from HelloFlo. The company is known for making quirky period videos, including the delightful "First Moon Party," and the latest offering continues the tradition. And let's face it — actually getting your period may be a lot of things, but it's rarely amusing, so really we could all use the chance to laugh a little more about our monthly miracle of the uterus.

“Some people call me a gift, some people call me a curse,” the living, breathing Aunt Flo says in the video. “But I like to think of myself as a miracle.” Other people might use other words to describe her — annoying, inconvenient, a relief — but personally, I kind of like the way she's personified in the video. After all, visualizing your period as being kindly yet down-to-earth relative who blows in and out of town is better than imagining it to be a red-eyed monster who hates you and wants to give you cramps and ruin your underwear.

So what would it look like if Aunt Flo really were an aunt who came to visit?

Sometimes You Aren't So Happy To See Her

But If She's Never Been To See You, You Really Want Her To Visit

Sometimes She Arrives Late And Freaks You Out

And Sometimes You Have To Say Goodbye Forever

But she'll always be Aunt Flo. She'll be here when you want her and when you don't — and sometimes she won't show up even when you wish she would. But despite all the hassle, she's a part of your life, for better or worse.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; HelloFlo/YouTube (4)