How Much Is Beyonce's Ivy Park Headband? It's A Must Have From This Collection — PHOTOS

If there’s one item from Beyoncé's Ivy Park collection that’s going to amp up your workout wardrobe in a major way, it’s this one. Find out how much Beyoncé’s Ivy Park headband costs, because your sweat sessions (or just life, in general) are going to look fierce if you can rep the brand with this one staple.

Not only is the headband extremely practical, it’s also dripping in coolness. Oh, and not to mention, it’s retailing for only $14, according to the L.A. Times. Bustle has reached out to Topshop and Nordstrom for confirmation on the headband price. Yoncé-inspired and budget-friendly to boot? Sign me up! Seriously, if you’re going to try to snag something before this collection sells out once it drops online and in Topshop stores on April 14, you might need to have a strategy. Going straight for the headband might not be a bad one. It’s not expensive, but I bet people have their sights on other purchases, that comfy Ivy Park hoodie, for example, so you might have a chance to add this to your cart before it’s gone.

And if you do — wear that thing with pride. Because this collection is all about empowerment and finding your “park,” or the place that gives you strength. So, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with throwing this piece on your head to show the world that you mean business. Because you know what? You slay.

Let Bey show you how to perfectly style this headband with a top knot.

See. It looks amazing.

And this piece will complete your overall workout ensemble.

You'll be looking fresh post gym session with every hair in its place, too.

Even Blue Ivy approves.

WeAreIvyPark on YouTube

Watch as the queen shows us how this whole activewear thing is done, you know, for the millionth time. It's too good not to watch over and over again.

This headband is what makes each and every outfit thaaat much more on-point. Clearly, you need this piece in your life.

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