'Real Housewives' Stars Who Are Currently Fighting Health Battles

A lot of people question the authenticity of reality television shows, but there is no questioning some of the story lines on Real Housewives. The word "real" is in the title for a reason and nothing is more real than when the women open themselves up and share their health struggles with the viewers. Luckily, a lot of the women have made it through their traumas, but sadly there are some women on Real Housewives who are currently fighting health battles. A great deal of their journeys has made the air and fans have watched along with the reality stars' road to recovery. It is very brave of them to open up their lives in this way and share such personal problems on a very public scale.

The women have handled their health issues as best as they can, and they have been able to strike a balance between keeping important matters private and using their platform to communicate their stories to raise awareness about what they are going through. They have served as great examples for any fans going through similar struggles. And they have shown us that no matter how great things are going for you, life is precious and no one should ever take their health for granted.

Here are the Housewives who have courageously shared their struggles and are still going through them.

Yolanda Hadid & Her Children

This whole sixth season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills centered around Yolanda Hadid's battle with Lyme disease and the other women's obsessive need to discuss her health status. Yolanda has been in a chronic struggle for a long time and has shared as much as she can on the show. Viewers have seen her get medical treatments, struggle to get out of bed, and do the best she can to take advantage of the days when she is actually feeling OK. On top of that, she has also mentioned that two of her children, Bella and Anwar, have Lyme disease, as well.

Bethenny Frankel

In the trailer for the latest season of Real Housewives of New York City, it was revealed that Bethenny Frankel has a serious medical problem that she will share on the show. No one knows what's going on yet, but Bethenny told Entertainment Tonight that she doesn't have cancer. She opened up to Us Weekly about her struggle and said,

I’m facing a women’s health issue that many women can relate to. I’m dealing with it head-on and viewers will understand how I personally deal with matters such as this. I hope women can relate, learn and support each other in life moments like this.

It looks like we have to watch what happens to learn about what Bethenny is going through these days.

Kathryn Edwards

Not only did Kathryn Edwards struggle to find her place among the clique on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Kathryn is also struggling with her hearing and is deaf in one ear. The fans saw her go to doctors appointments and try out new treatments and hearing aids on the show, so it looks like she is finally starting to get some resolve.

Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have watched Kim Richards' struggle with sobriety over the years. Viewers have witnessed arguments with her and pretty much every cast member about whether or not she was actually sober, and it was all very sad to see. Kim has been open about her stints in rehab and has tried to take responsibility for her behavior. When it came to a 2015 charge related to public intoxication at the Beverly Hills Hotel, she told Andy Cohen, "I drank that night. No excuses." It seems like she is trying to do what she can to step up to the plate and take on her issues head on, and hopefully she will be able to succeed.

The franchise truly got real when these women shared their struggles with their fans. They have showed us that anyone can be affected with health issues and that it can be empowering to open up to others about their problems... even if it is on a nationally televised reality show.