Every Clue About Luke In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival That Scott Patterson Has Given Us — PHOTOS

Scott Patterson has done good by Gilmore Girls fans since the Gilmore Girls revival was announced. The man you know as Luke Danes has kept his Twitter feed full of on set pictures from the Gilmore Girls revival. Even though Netflix proved their love by sharing a handful of official photos, those set photos are still full of clues as to what is ahead for the Gilmore women and the citizens of Stars Hollow.

When you look at all of Patterson's Twitter photos together you start to get a good idea of what Luke's life is like these days. Happily, the official photos featured a joy-inducing still of Luke and Lorelai holding hands, proving those two are not only still together, but totally still written in the stars too. Now that the Luke and Lorelai question has been answered, the big question is what is Luke up to now? For the adorably stable Luke, it looks like his life will still revolve around the diner, his family, and getting roped into hysterical situations by Kirk.

Take a look at every photo Patterson has posted so far, and prepare to fall in love with Luke and his blue baseball cap all over again.

The Diner Is Open For Business

On the surface this looks like a simple picture, but you see that little Luke's coffee cup symbol on the shirt? That has never been there before. Luke never wore branded t-shirts to work, which means business could be booming at the diner. It's possible that between the Dragon Fly Inn and Taylor's constant town festivals, Stars Hollow has become a major tourist destination in New England. Either that, or Lorelai somehow convinced Luke the diner employees should all wear plaid uniforms.

The Toolbox Returns

Welcome back, Bert! I cannot believe there hasn't been more chatter about the return of Luke's toolbox, the wily Bert, who was so heavy he had to briefly move into Lorelai's house in Season 1 until Luke came by to retrieve him. The return of Bert also heralds the return of handy Luke. What could possible need fixing this time? I'm crossing my fingers it is something at Emily's house, so viewers can be treated to Emily looking incredulous as Luke fixes her sink.

Luke's Hat

After all this time, Luke is still wearing the blue baseball cap that Lorelai gave him way back in Season 1. This was one of the earliest clues that those two were back together and going strong.

Luke's Diner Ready For Christmas

This picture not only featured Patterson with the amazing Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, but it also revealed that Luke would most likely be in the revival's premiere episode "Winter." If you check out the diner behind them, it is clearly decorated for Christmas. Those are Christmas lights strung around the outside — which was also another big hint that Luke and Lorelai are still an item. Luke was notorious for resisting decorating the diner for holidays, but Lorelai was the one person who could make him cave.

Luke & Kirk Together Again

Like a modern day Abbott and Costello, Luke and Kirk are one of Stars Hollow's best duos. Poor Luke is always getting dragged into Kirk's schemes and it is fantastic. This is the first piece of visual evidence that those two will still be hanging out together (probably reluctantly on Luke's part). Two other clues in this photo: Kirk is dressed for cool weather with his snazzy sweater, which means this is either "Winter" or "Fall," and Luke and Kirk are totally sporting matching scruff — coincidence? Maybe, but there is no Gilmore Girls revival clue too big or small. Hey, they could have turned No-Shave November into a competition for all I know, and yes, I would definitely be on board with Kirk and Luke having a beard growing contest.

When it comes to Luke, it looks like not much has changed, and honestly, it is nice to know some things — like Luke being the handy, romantic diner owner of Lorelai's dreams — stay the same.