What This 'GG' News Could Mean For Luke & Lorelai

by Emily Lackey

It’s to be expected that everyone who is starring in the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix likely has received strict orders to not say a thing about what actually happens in any of the upcoming movies. In the recent past, when a reporter or interviewer has asked one of the stars for some plot points — say, what happens in Rory’s love life, or whether there will be a wedding — the cast members seem to clam up and say nothing. But, that’s not stopping Vanessa Marano, who played April Nardini in the original series, from spilling some very telling details about April's role in the revival. And thank goodness she is, because what she has to say could reveal a lot about Luke and Lorelai’s love life.

So, let’s break down exactly what she said, shall we?

Speaking exclusively with Variety, Marano said that not only is she definitely starring in the revival — something that we already knew — but she admitted that she is only appearing in one episode: “Summer.” Considering every other actor has been super coy about which episodes they are starring in (like Milo Ventimiglia saying he’ll be in more than two and fewer than four... which I guess means three but COME ON DUDE, JUST SAY THREE), this is the first confirmation of which episode a character would be in.

So, go on April. Tell us more.

In addition to spilling which episode she will be appearing in, Marano also revealed some exclusive details to Variety, including that “April’s in college now, and she’s living the college life, so a lot of her life gets discussed at a dinner table with family members. I don’t know how much more I can say than that — it’s Gilmore family members.”

Um, can we just take a moment of silence and gratitude to thank Marano for spilling those juicy details? Because those four words — "it's Gilmore family members" — revealed more than just about anything else Marano said in the interview. I mean, I think we can all do the math and figure out that April is definitely college-aged by now. There’s no big reveal there. But the fact that she is having dinner with the Gilmores is the juiciest bit of information revivalists have received in a while, because, as the daughter of Luke, the only reason I can think of for her having dinner with the Gilmores is if her father and Lorelai are definitely back together.

This seems likely — especially after Netflix released those publicity shots of Luke and Lorelai holding hands. But, with nothing officially confirmed just yet, the details about April’s character is just more evidence suggesting that these long-lost lovers are together in the revival.

Who else needs more info about this project, like, now?

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Netflix (2)