You're Going To Die When You See This Lip Kit Ink

Kylie’s Kings love everything she does, and that includes her latest venture into cosmetics, of course. It’s hard not to love Kylie Jenner’s long-lasting lip products that come in a variety of textures and shades, each just as great as the next. One fan solidified his love of Jenner’s lippies in a very serious way. That’s right. This super fan got Kylie Lip Kit swatches tattooed on his arm, and just as you might have imagined — it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Johnny Cyrus is not shy about his obsession for Jenner, and honestly, why should he be? Plenty of people are die-hard fans of the reality star and her lipsticks and glosses, they’re just not all brave enough to make wearing the Lip Kits a permanent thing. But, it sure is a good way to wear all of the colors at once, you know? Plus, just think how amazing those metallic shades will look on his arm (can you even get metallic tattoos? Cyrus, you should look into it!). Because yes, indeed, he intends to add to his tattoo as Jenner adds to her lipstick lineup, he told BuzzFeed.

This isn’t the first ink Cyrus has gotten to rep Kylie Cosmetics, either. He has a tattoo of the infamous logo, as well. Jenner should really consider getting a matching tattoo of her incredible lippies, if you ask me. So, Kyls, if you’re reading — I'm convinced this is a good idea, and I’m sure Cyrus would agree.

Here's the before shot.

And the after.

It's healing quite nicely. Just look at those colors! "I've been planning this since the first three shades came out," Cyrus tells me via email. As you can see, the range of colors has expanded since then, and this tattoo is better for it. It was definitely worth the wait!

Cyrus is clearly devoted to Jenner and her beauty products, but he's not getting complete support for his ink. "I just wish people would stop being so judgmental," he says. But, it's his tattoo and his body, so he definitely shouldn't have to hide his love for these colors.

Honestly, it's hard not to be obsessed with all things Kylie Cosmetics-related.

They are gorgeous swatches, after all.

Just imagine if he could add these next!

Let's face it — tattoo or no. We're all just the loyal servants to King Kylie, aren't we? I'd say so!

Image: Johnny Cyrus/YouTube