Jordan Smith Returns To 'The Voice' & His Performance Proves That He's Still A Star

Wednesday may be the night for results on The Voice, but it is also a great time to see what our favorite Voice alums are up to. Plus, it's great to show the current contestants and that fans what it is like to be an artist after the show is over. Season 9 Voice winner Jordan Smith already has his debut album Something Beautiful out so it is perfect timing for him to sing his new song "Stand in the Light" on the show. And, all of the fans were excited for Jordan Smith's return performance on The Voice . The Team Adam alum returned to the stage for an angelic performance which served as a reminder for what this show is all about: The voice. I don't know about you, but I could listen to him all day. So it makes sense that he just went for an understated performance and let his talent speak for itself.

There were no flashy effects, dancers, or anything in the background other than a man playing on the piano. Jordan was dressed in a simple all black outfit. And this all adds up to a performance that is just about his talent. Jordan Smith didn't employ any gimmicks because he did not need any and as expected he was absolutely flawless. I was all smiles watching him alone on my couch, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. He absolutely slayed and proved to us all that he deserved that title last year.

How can someone give us music lovers so much joy and make it seem effortless? Everything about the performance was just so on point. Jordan has a raw talent that cannot be denied. The song was beautiful and Jordan's performance was absolutely breathtaking. It really gives me hope for the rest of his career.

These days reality singing shows can be stigmatized for the lack of "stars" produced, but if anyone is going to negate that claim it is going to be Jordan Smith.