Will Ivy Park Go On Sale Or Will You Have To Pay Full Price Forever?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard by now that Beyonce's athleisure Ivy Park collection dropped today. NBD — just over here losing all my chill. If you're wondering whether you should jump and purchase it now, or wait and see if Ivy Park will go on sale, it depends if you have your heart set on a certain piece.

Though the line is already pretty affordable to begin with, with prices ranging from $25 to $235 (unless you want to buy the collection in its entirety – because that would cost a pretty penny), saving money is always preferable. There's nothing worse than paying full price for an item, only to see it marked down a month or two later for half of what you paid. Talk about feeling completely played. But given that this is Beyonce and she is queen and doesn't need to mark her items down: Will Ivy Park ever go on sale?

Let's be real — the public would probably gladly pay full price for anything Beyonce related, but this is a clothing line after all, and clothing usually does go on sale. While beauty items tend to stay at their retail price, clothing is usually marked down, especially when seasons change and new merchandise comes out that is newer, fresher, and hotter.

Ivy Park Bra Leggings, $65, nordstrom.com

While we don't have any official word on if the collection will go on sale, I think it's a safe bet that it will. Especially if Bey has more designs up her sleeve for next season.

Ivy Park Bra Bodysuit, $175, nordstrom.com

So what should you do: Should you wait for a potential sale, or buy it full price now? That totally depends on how badly you want a certain item. If you just want to own something and don't care what it is, then hold off, but if your heart is set on something in particular (like this fierce full-length bodysuit, for example), then you might want to act fast and forget about saving money. You could risk it selling out, and usually it's the least coveted items that end up on sale, anyways.

Ivy Park Full Length Bodysuit, $265, nordstrom.com

May the sale odds be ever in your favor.

Images: Nordstrom; Ivy Park