Who Is Bianca Espada? The New 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Star Will Fit Right In With This Group

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast will be getting a new member in Season 4, adding another twenty-something who's prepared to join in on the exhausting glitz and glamour of being a part of the tight-knit group of Beverly Hills-raised friends and reality stars. So, who is Bianca Espada, newest addition to the cast? Unlike last season's addition, Taylor Hasselhoff, she isn't related to a famous TV star, but that doesn't mean she won't fit in. Not only is she friends with some of the other, existing cast members, but because Bianca has a burgeoning career as a stylist and blogger, she's currently balancing her career and personal life in a way that should seem familiar to the other Rich Kids, who may be late bloomers, but are also in the beginning stages of building successful careers.

And this season of the show could have a lot of drama in store. Morgan Stewart is currently planning her wedding to longtime boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick, and whether she's totally chill or a complete Bridezilla, this BH wedding is going to be extravagant, and I don't think she's going to want to be outshone by anyone. I'm curious how Bianca will fit in. And from where she shops to how much she loves to eat, here's all the key things you should know about the new addition to the Rich Kids cast.

She's A Blogger

This makes her very similar to Morgan, who's also an occasional blogger/writer on her site, BoobsandLoubs. Bianca's site, simply named BiancaEspada, is focused on fashion, travel, and her life.

She's Got A Great Fashion Sense

This cast — and not just the ladies, but the dudes too! — are incredibly into fashion, so a great sense of style is a must in order to fit in. And her love of black, bodycon, and gorgeous accessories will make Dorothy, Morgan, and EJ approve.

She's A Proud Latina

On her website, Bianca credits growing up as a Mexican-American as giving her a "vivacious and candid personality."

She Knows How To Travel

This Cape Cod scene looks like it was lifted right out of a Land's End catalog. But it's actually lifted right out of Bianca's vacation photos — I think the rest of the cast will want her to plan a trip to Martha's Vineyard for this season.

She Has An Adorable Little Dog

If she does things right, then ChaCha will wind up befriending Morgan's equally adorable and equally little dog, Baguette. Is there a possible spinoff ahead? Rich Dogs of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills?

She Lives In New York City

Right now, Bianca is splitting her time between New York and her hometown of Los Angeles. A few of the Rich Kids have been bicoastal before, including EJ and Roxy, and it always means that a least a few costars take a trip to the Big Apple in order to do a little East Coast shopping and late-night clubbing.

She Loves To Eat

One of my favorite things about this show is that the cast never turns down a chance to enjoy a good meal, and always they always bring plenty of snacks and wine to whatever gathering they're attending.

She's Already Friends With One Of The Rich Kids Of BH Stars

Bianca is a friend of Dorothy Wang, as can be seen in a few of her IG posts. So long as there's no residual high school drama lingering between the two, that can only mean good things for how well Bianca Espada will fit in with the rest of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.