There Is A Lego Love Story Video & It Will Melt Your Heart

In the lead up to his wedding, animator Kevin Ulrich decide to chart his love story through the ultimate romantic medium: Lego. There is a Lego love story video. Get ready for your heart to explode. He and his wife Celina are majorly geeky, in the best possible way, and weren't sure about dating at first because they worked in the same office. But Dr. Who and The Hobbit passions can only be ignored for so long, and they ended up together. And now you can watch the whole story, in Lego. It's super sweet and way more imaginative than a of wedding videos I've seen. Plus, now I know what an ostrich looks like in Legos, and who doesn't need to know that?

Ullrich told The Daily Dot:

"So I told Celina I would make the video of our love story. At first she wanted to make changes to my script, but I told her to trust me and that she would like the final product. And she did. She loved it."

Of course she did. It's basically the cutest thing that's ever happened. And geekiest. Which makes it even cuter. You can see the whole video here (and you definitely should, because it'll make you smile unless you have a graphite heart). It's already got almost 70,000 views at the time of writing:

Here are my favorite parts:

Work Problems

You can't date a coworker, right? You can't date a coworker. Definitely not.


But she loves Lord of the Rings! And Nerf guns! You still can't date her, right?

Until One Day...

But one day he needs a ride and she immediately volunteers: "I'll drive you home!". But of course, it's not a simple drive...

A Drive Turns To Dinner

The drive leads to dinner and it turns out she ALSO LOVES DR. WHO! He's not made of stone, people. Let's be real, we all know where this is going.

It's Stupid

My favorite scene is in a tree, where he's all "Do you think it's stupid to date coworkers?" and when she says usually it is, he asks "Do you want to do something stupid?" and they go for it.


Like every good story, there's a MONTAGE: Aquariums, ostrich feedings, burgers the size of your head! The things that love is made of.

The Proposal

Then we get all the big milestones, including the proposal with this ring that I can't imagine is made to scale.

The Wedding

Then it's time for the wedding, because he's made the "Best stupid decision ever!".

The Precious

And obviously Gollum runs off with the ring, because obviously.

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Images: BrotherhoodWorkshop/YouTube