Selena Gomez Gets More Blunt Than Ever Before

Selena Gomez's Revival encompasses so much more than a new album, a string of hits, and a collection of awards. It's a new era for the singer-actor, who is sick and tired of the tabloid narrative about her life ("Disney star, Justin Bieber girlfriend") and is now telling it like it is — in a brutally honest, no-nonsense way. In fact, Selena Gomez got more blunt than ever before in her recent GQ interview, and it is undeniable proof that she is no longer holding anything back.

TBH, it seems like every interview Gomez has given recently incorporates a refreshing bluntness, a type of audacity that shows that the "Same Old Love" singer is taking control of her life, her career, her narrative. She's not here for any more Justin Bieber questions, and she's not here to cater to prying questions about her personal life. Gomez is stating her opinions, and they are in bold.

Take, for example, when she spoke to the GQ reporter about how she believes the media can prey on child stars:

"We're easy targets. Every single kid who was brought up like this is an easy target. It's disgusting, because it’s interesting to grown adults that these kids go through weird things because they’re figuring out, ‘Do I like this? Do I love this? Maybe I love this person. Oh, I’m exposed to this, people are reporting my every move and this and that because of Instagram and Twitter and you can find out everything.' There’s a difference between being a fan—there’s a difference between that and what you have to do. Because it’s, I don’t know, fun, maybe? It’s like watching a car crash as you’re driving past it. You want to watch it."

Gomez is brash and blunt, speaking up for herself and declaring her strong opinions, non-apologetically, to the reporter — whom she full well knows is now broadcasting them to the world. By challenging the reporter head-on, with a type of "I see what you're doing here" attitude, Gomez is brazen in her opinions. She is confident, and she is not backing down. And that is certainly empowering.

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's also the same kind of demeanor she's been rocking this entire Revival era, and I cannot get enough of it. Gomez is pissed at the same, tired implications, and she is firm in her convictions. Like when a Billboard reporter asked if she drew any inspiration from Bieber's own revival, she replied bluntly: "No. This is my time. I’ve deserved this. I earned it. This is all me." TELL 'EM.

It's clear that Gomez is frustrated, but what comes across in her interviews isn't just an air of anger — it's one more of honesty, at least to this reader. It's a place for Gomez to be candid, blunt, and brutally honest in her responses; to shed that sickly sweet, wholesome Disney Channel image and emerge as someone with the confidence to assert her opinions and thoughts boldly and without apologies. If Gomez is using her platform to speak her truth, to speak her experience, and to be frank with journalists instead of giving happy-go-lucky, PR-friendly sound-bytes, I am all for it.

And it seems to me that Selena Gomez's revival is just getting started.