How To Buy Zendaya's "I Came To Break Hearts" Hat To Steal Her Cool Girl Style

At only 19 years old, Zendaya has already quickly become one of my style inspirations. Not only is she super funny and a fantastic singer, she also happens to be an amazing role model. And, she happens to be cool as hell. Case in point: Zendaya's "I came to break hearts" hat she wore to Kobe's last game on April 13. Not only was her hat chic and cheeky, but the rest of her look was on point too. Basically, she's got this whole personal style thing on lock.

Scroll through her social media and you'll find her absolutely killing it on the red carpet, from her super cool ensemble at the AMAs, to thigh high boots with distressed denim, to insanely chic Louis Vuitton ensembles. Basically, she's got my dream wardrobe, and she's only like six years younger than me. Whatever, I'm not jealous or anything...

Though I love to see what celebrities are rocking on the red carpet, it's even more fun to see what they're rocking in the airport, during their daily lives, and more low-key events, like sports games. And at the Lakers game last night, she nailed the line between sexy, casual, and cool. The central part of her look? Her super cool black hat that reads "I came to break hearts," which she paired with cropped skinnies, brown booties, and just about the coolest camo jacket. Essentially, it was the perfect sports game look. Count on Zendaya to pull it off.


So, where can you shop Zendaya's fun hat? Well, luckily for us, she's not the only one that's rocked it before: Rihanna herself has been spotted wearing it as well. The Internet is a beautiful place that lets us know that the infamous hat is by NasaShop. But if you're not able to cop this exact piece, don't worry. There are lots of other cute alternatives.

1. The Copy

I Came To Break Hearts Baseball Cap, $15,

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

2. New York

Ebbets Field Flannels New York City Embroidered Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap, $55,

If ya want to rep the best city in the world.

3. Playful

Maison Kitsuné Embroidered Logo Cap, $84,

Love the color scheme of this one.

4. Babe

The Style Club Babe Denim Baseball Hat, $32,

Obsessed with this hat.

5. A Second Babe

Babes Destroyed Cap, $35,

Love this color too.

6. Vintage Fisherman

Apocalypse Cap, $30,

Not sure what exactly what this means, but I dig it.

7. Just Don't

Dom't Kill My Vibe Cap, $30,

Need this.

8. Not Your Baby

Not Yours Messenger Hat, $32,

Bonus points if you can pull off these brows, too.

9. My Life

Reason Icon Baseball Hat, $39,

This hat explains my mood all day everyday.

10. Parisien

Maison Kitsune Parisiene 5 Panel Cap, $95,

Simple, yet so cute.

11. Hotline Bling

1-800-HOTLINE-BLING Hat, $19.95,

Admit it. You need this.

Who doesn't want to dress like Zendaya? I know I do. These caps will certainly give you a head start.