Rowan Blanchard's Hillary Clinton Tweet Is The Best Interpretation Of The Candidate's Quote — VIDEO

If there's anything good to come out of Thursday's Democratic debate, it's that there's now a perfect video that shows just what it's like to explain sexism and racism to white men. An unfortunately familiar task to women of color, there are countless everyday instances in which men (and particularly white men, let's be real) fail to understand the challenges and intricacies of what exactly it is women go through. And for women who exist at the intersections of both sexism and racism, having a way to explain these matters becomes doubly important.

Now, explaining these types of oppression is a whole matter in and of itself, but this video nevertheless does a great and hilarious job of that first moment in which you realize that, yes, you are going to have to explain this again to a white guy. Many of us are probably familiar with the telltale signs of that moment: A white guy discounts whatever it is you're saying, and in one fell swoops proceeds to man-splain the crap out of whatever topic it is you were discussing. They ask you how you could possibly experience X and X, when they've had no experience with it themselves. That's when you hit them with this, courtesy of Hillary Clinton and actress Rowan Blanchard:

It would also be remiss to not include the fact that Blanchard's tweet becomes even cooler when you realize she's only 14 (I wish I had had the wisdom to think that way at 14, but I was too busy being moody somewhere). The star of Disney's Girl Meets World also identifies as queer and is passionate about using her voice on social media to highlight feminist issues. She says she feels a particular responsibility to talk about social issues with her fans, as children and teenagers are often left out of the conversation. Keeping in line with this school of thought, her Twitter is filled with insightful pieces, not unlike her Hillary Clinton video from Thursday night's debate.

And thus, there's a perfect little moment to capture all of those many, many frustrating moments in which you're having to explain yourself to an otherwise clueless white guy.