13 Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Gifs That Prove They Are OTP

It may be hard to keep track of the relationship status of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, but it's not hard to realize these two have a connection. Whether you want to admit or not, they are pretty adorable together and have shared a lot of sweet moments side by side. So much so, that they'll make anyone jealous who is in search of deep love like the two may or may not still have for each other. If you're not buying what I'm selling, then check out these gifs of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth that most definitely prove they are OTP.

The following gifs are from the past and before everyone started asking, "Wait, are they engaged again?" FYI, Hemsworth told Australia's TV Week in April they are not engaged. "I am not engaged, no," he said. Yes, I know, confusing, especially after Cyrus was spotted wearing the engagement ring Hemsworth previously gave her. Also, Dolly Parton confirmed that they are back together, so it's really one conundrum after the other with these two.

Whatever the case, these gifs are just a way to honor Cyrus and Hemsworth's strong connection (that I'm sure many hope still exists) that can't be overlooked.

1. When Miley Looked Longingly At Liam


I mean, come on.

2. When They Shared A Sweet Kiss



3. When Liam Joked Around


Oh, Liam.

4. When They Were Young & Carefree


Talk about a throwback.

5. When They Worked The Red Carpet


The chemistry is real, people.

6. When They Adorably Hugged


Always keeping each other warm.

7. When They Were Caught Off Guard


Candid moments are the best.

8. When They Posed For Pictures


Work it.

9. When They Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Does it get any cuter?

10. When They Filmed A Movie Together


Yes, they're acting in love for The Last Song, but it's still pretty realistic.

11. When She Watched Him Clap

Some might think she looks irritated here, but I think she's just in awe of his clapping. That can happen, right?

12. When They Kissed In The Car

Can't go anywhere without a kiss.

13. When They Laughed Together

Miley is clearly telling Liam, stop being so cute.

Now, whenever Miley and Liam shippers want to bask in their love, they can come and look at these adorable gifs.

Images: Giphy (9); gif-help (2), fellinlovewithblue, whatgifsisee/Tumblr