What Is Harry Hudson's Snapchat Name? Kylie Jenner's Friend Is Huge On The App, Too

If you recognize the names of Jordyn Woods, Anastasia Karanikolaou, and Hailey Baldwin, then you certainly know who Harry Hudson is by now. All of these people are a part of a young Hollywood squad known as Kylie Jenner's BFFs, and if you follow Jenner on any social media, you will see them. Many fans raised eyebrows when they started seeing the super cute Hudson pop up in the squads' photos, and he made his impressive acting debut in Jenner's epic Snapchat movie. But, if you want to follow him some more, you'll need to know Harry Hudson's own Snapchat name.

Hudson's Instagram and Twitter handles were fairly easy to figure out, because he just uses his real name, HarryHudson. (Maybe Justin Bieber's Snapchat name should take a hint?) Jenner hasn't specifically tagged Hudson's username in her latest snaps, so I went to his Twitter to find out. Turns out, he is already a two-year Snapchat veteran, and his screen name is "fatherhudson."

According to the replies on his tweet about his Snapchat name, it looks like Hudson was immediately popular on on the app and got himself A LOT of followers. Hanging out with the queens of social media really pays off, eh?

Now, if you're wondering exactly who Hudson is and what he does when he's not snapping, as is the case with Woods, Hudson seems to have grown up in Los Angeles and is also close friends with Jaden Smith. You might best remember Hudson as the shady dude who was playing all of the Kardashian girls in Jenner's Snapchat movie. In the movie, Kourtney Kardashian was trying to meet up with Hudson in secret and — bam! — he was in bed with Caitlyn Jenner. Say what you will about this family, they sure know how to keep everyone entertained and on their toes, all thanks to social media.

Aside from his Snapchat popularity, Hudson is a musician and an inspiring survivor. At only 23 years old, he has already battled Hodgkins lymphoma, a diagnosis that came on the very same day he met with a label head who launched Lady Gaga's career, he shared with The Daily Beast. He didn't let that stop him and now, two years in remission, he is steadily working in the studio and putting out music, which he often shares with fans.

Now that Hudson is becoming more well-known himself and is focusing on launching his career, I think we will be seeing a lot more of his own Snapchats and behind-the scenes looks at his life in the squad and working his way through the music business. And lots of fun with filters, of course.