Khloe Kardashian Has Good Advice For Book Lovers

The bookish corners of Instagram have popularized colorblocked bookshelves, but what if you just can't stand to put your books out of order for ~aesthetic~ purposes? Khloé Kardashian has good advice for book lovers who find themselves in this predicament: strip 'em down. Kardashian tells Cosmo readers to take off those dust jackets and enjoy the muted tones of their books, au naturel.

I'm the type of person who prioritizes functionality over presentation. To that end, I alphabetize everything, books included. That means Douglas Adams comes before Kate Harding comes before Zadie Smith, 'Salem's Lot comes before The Shining, and woe betide the person who screws up my book order. So my shelves aren't the kind of pretty you'd expect from a books writer, and you probably won't see me post any shelfies to Instagram.

Still, I can get on board with Kardashian's advice. You don't have to actively organize your hardcovers by color if they're all in the same, desaturated family. Plus, muted colors give off an air of elegance, and — let's face it — we can all use more of that.

Here are her other tips for making your bookshelves 'grammable:

1) Organize by color. Not surprising, since everything from Khloé’s sneakers to her cookies are organized by color.

2) Stack by size. That one’s kind of obvious. “Organizing my books by size calms me!” says Koko.

3) Add decorations. Once your books are in order, mix in the knickknacks. Khloé’s faves: crystals, candles, paperweights, and plants.

What are your favorite book organization tips? Share them with us on Twitter!