There Should Be No 'GG' Wedding Bells For Rory

Ever since news leaked that there would be a wedding in the Gilmore Girls revival, speculation about who the bride and groom would be has been inescapable. I am just as intrigued by these mysterious nuptials as everyone else, but there is one character I don't want to see walking down the aisle — and that is Rory Gilmore. Do I ship Rory with a certain leather-wearing, book-loving character? Absolutely. But, I still think Rory shouldn't marry Jess, or anyone else, in the revival.

Before it became clear that Rory's life had taken some unexpected turns in the career department, I was excited about the idea that Rory might be getting married. I mean, it's Rory! She's all grown up and in her 30s and there is just something poetic about seeing her go from a super smart, lovestruck teen in the pilot to a grown woman ready to say I do.

However, given the state of Rory's career and life when the revival begins, I am way less interested in her love life now, and I don't want to see her married to anyone. Rory has way more important things to sort out, and while I am all for her making time for romance, here are 11 reasons why Rory should definitely not get married anytime soon:

1. She Is At A Crossroads In Her Life

Here is what is known about the state of Rory: According to Entertainment Weekly, her journalism career has stalled after one article published in The New Yorker, and though she is dating, she's not seeing anyone seriously. She also may be a teacher at Chilton. In other words, Rory is at a crossroads. She is realigning her expectations about her future with her reality, and that is heavy life stuff in its own right.

2. Her Grandfather Just Died

The revival is set to cover one calendar year, which means by the end, it will have been just a little over a year since Rory lost the most important male figure in her life. Losing Richard and the sense of love and security he gave her is going to leave a hole in her life that only time can heal, not an instant wedding.

3. She Could Be Starting A New Career

If Rory is becoming a teacher that is going to take a lot of time and commitment. Starting a new career is scary. Rory may have to relocate to Stars Hollow or Hartford, she may have trouble connecting with the students, or accepting her new role. All of these things point to Rory being in a transitional phase.

4. She's Dating When The Revival Begins...

Rory will be dating when the revival starts out, but it doesn't sound like it is serious. Maybe she is playing the field a little, and that is awesome. Rory deserves to date, have fun, and not be tied to one person when she is still figuring so much out about her life.

5. And The Revival Only Covers A Year

Yes, all three of Rory's exes are coming back, but the revival only covers the span of one year. That means Rory would have to not only fall back in love with one of them, but also decide to go straight to marriage.

6. Rory Needs To Figure Out Rory

Rory choosing herself would be amazing. She sounds a little lost at the moment and before she commits to a marriage, she needs to figure out exactly what she wants for her future.

7. An Instant Marriage Won't Be Very Satisfying

Think about how much time was devoted to each of Rory's major relationships. If she suddenly gets married in under a year, it is not going to be nearly as satisfying as watching her slowly fall back in love with Logan, Jess, or Dean.

8. The Gilmores Need To Focus On Each Other

Rory, Lorelai, and Emily need each more now than they ever have before. Seeing these three amazing women focus on each other is going to be more rewarding than any romantic entanglements they may find themselves in.

9. Reunions Are Better Than Weddings

You guys, reunions are the best, and Rory is going to have three of them. I think they will fuel everyone's Rory romance needs nicely.

10. Rory Knows Marriage Doesn't Equal Happiness

Rory knows from watching her wonderfully independent mother that marriage isn't an instant pathway to happiness. She knows she can be happy without a ring on her finger, and given everything that is known about Rory so far, it seems like her biggest hurdle in the revival is going to be finding happiness, not planning a wedding.

11. A Rory Wedding Would Be A Great Excuse For A Second Revival

Always be thinking ahead, people.

Am I curious to see who Rory ends up with in the revival? Absolutely, but Rory has so many things going on in her life that adding a wedding to the mix at this stage just sounds like a terrible idea.

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