13 Thoughts Every '90s Kid Will Have When They See The 'All That' Reunion — VIDEO

Cancel your plans for sleep, because an All That marathon is coming to The Splat on April 16 and 17. This isn't just a marathon though, this is an All That reunion complete with commercial break commentary from the cast. The cast who will be hanging out on the SNICK couch — it is OK to freak out, I am right there with you. You do not have to wait for the marathon to get a sneak peek at the All That reunion though. E! Online shared an exclusive video of the All That cast revealing what questions they still get asked to this day. (And yes, everyone constantly asks poor Kenan where Kel is.)

The video is pure nostalgia fuel that is sure to give every '90s kid a lot of thoughts. First of all, this is All That 's 22 year anniversary, which seems impossible, and that is just the beginning. Prepare to have your mind grapes boggled with a mix of excitement, happy memories, and sobering questions about your own mortality — you know, totally normal All That feels.

Check out the video below and then nod along as I count down the 13 thoughts every All That fan will have after watching the first reunion video.

1. How Is The All That Cast Using Twitter?


Um... what witchcraft is this? Kenan, Kel, Lori Beth, Josh, and Danny only exist in the '90s, while Twitter only exists now, so how are the Twitter questions moving through space and time to reach them. It simply does not make sense.

2. Why Isn't Lori Beth On Saturday Night Live?


She is still hilarious and a total life hero. She should be in all the things, but especially Saturday Night Live. This seems like a huge oversight on NBC's part.

3. Does Nickelodeon Still Keep SNICK Couches On Hand?


That couch is a symbol of all that was good and pure about childhood. Sadly, Nickelodeon no longer has SNICK or any use for the couch, so of course, seeing it again brings instant happiness. It also makes me wonder if they have a SNICK couch on hand at all times just in case of '90s related emergencies.

4. Is This The First Time The Cast Has Hung Out Since The Good Old Days?


They should really be hanging out all the time, but since they since they are grown up people leading their own separate lives now they probably don't. But wouldn't it be cool if Danny hosts annual barbecues for the cast? Sorry guys, I'll save it for my fanfic.

5. How Is It Possible It Has Been 22 Years Since All That Premiered?


That is simply not possible, right? I mean if it had actually been that long since the premiere then I would be older than 22 and that's crazy talk — oh, wait.

6. Will They Do A New Sketch Together?


I would like to register my request for a new Good Burger sketch now, please.

7. Can Kenan & Kel Just Be BFFs Again Now?


I know Kenan is a big deal now, but some duos should be forever. They were the '90s answer to Lucy and Ethel and they should never be apart again.

8. How Is Josh Still So Crushworthy After All These Years?


Look, it is just not fair for Josh to still give me so many feelings. Look at him. He is still the perfect '90s crush.

9. When Was The Last Time They Watched Their Sketches?


Come on, Kenan definitely watches his old Everyday French with Pierre Escargot sketches on the regular, right? They are actual perfection so it only makes sense that he would enjoy them as much as everyone else does.

10. Are They As Nostalgic About The '90s As Everyone Else?


They helped make the '90s the greatest of all the decades. Surely, they are as obsessed with the '90s as the rest of us.

11. Will They Share Any Backstage Stories?


I want all the scoop: who was dating who, who pulled the most pranks, and who went home with which props. They officially have my undivided attention on these matters.

12. Will They Mention Amanda?


I'm bummed she's not going to be there, so here's hoping Amanda at least gets a mention. She was such a major part of the show (and the '90s), she deserves some of that nostalgic love too.

13. How Open Are They To Doing A Proper Revival?


Don't get me wrong, I am psyched about the reunion, but I am secretly hoping they are planning a proper All That revival. The world needs the gang to get back together — there is still so much vital information for Lori Beth and Danny to impart.

Prepare yourselves, '90s kids, because those are just a few of the questions you will be asking yourself after basking in the All That goodness The Splat is serving up.

Images: Nickelodeon/YouTube; Giphy (13)